Equity and diversity at Bruce Power

At Bruce Power, we actively recognize, support and value employment equity and diversity throughout our organization.

We acknowledge and appreciate that each individual has unique perspectives and life experiences. We respect visible and invisible differences and create an environment where each employee feels empowered to achieve his or her best.

As a privately owned company operating in a competitive market, we realize that our competitive edge is our employees, and a diversity of perspectives makes us a stronger company. In short, it’s just good business.

Equity and Diversity

Everyone is engaged

We work together in groups and on committees that have representatives from members of the Power Workers’ Union, The Society of Energy Professionals, the Building Trades Union and Bruce Power management.

We encourage and promote associations such as Women in Nuclear (WiN), a worldwide association of women working in the nuclear industry that was first formed at Bruce Power. Today, WiN-Canada has over 800 members across the country.

We support the Bruce Power Native Circle, an aboriginal program that encourages hiring a more representative population of native employees on the site.

Zero tolerance for violence in the workplace

We take a proactive role to ensure that we provide a safe work environment, free of threats or aggressive behaviour, for all employees. Our Threat Management Team has clear protocols in place to deal with any issues brought up by any employees.

Expectations for employee behaviour is addressed in Bruce Power’s Code of Conduct and in our Workplace Human Rights and Harassment procedures.