Learn more about Bruce Power’s commitment to its community

Our values guide our conduct, decision-making and relationships both on site and in our community. Living our values means we conduct our business ethically, respectfully, safely and with professionalism. Our Code of Conduct is based upon our Bruce Power values and sets a high standard of personal and professional integrity and behavioural expectations for all of us. It provides the detailed information, guidelines, and references to other policies and resources that will help our employees make the right choices on a daily basis.

Our Values

Safety First

We embrace and practice strong nuclear safety principles recognizing that reactor, industrial, radiation and environmental safety are essential to the successful achievement of our long-term goals and key to our reputation.


  • Assure Safety First before proceeding with any
  • Accept responsibility for our own and each other’s
  • Work to minimize radiation dose to As Low As Reasonably Achievable (
  • Identify and correct safety concerns and do so with a sense of
  • Ensure every recognized safety standard is achieved without
  • Anticipate hazards and manage risk through thorough planning and
  • Embrace the Human Performance tools to minimize errors and prevent events

Professionalism and Personal Integrity

We believe in honouring ourselves, our business and our personal commitments.


  • Recognize our role as nuclear workers and embrace the higher standards of responsibility and accountability demanded by our many
  • Conduct ourselves ethically and in a manner that is fair to Bruce Power and its
  • Accept that, as empowered adults, each of us is accountable for our own
  • Fulfil our commitment to a complete day’s work for a full day’s
  • Adhere to
  • Make commitments and complete actions in a timely
  • Identify, document and correct quality
  • Report problems and facts in a timely and honest
  • Invite oversight of our work activities to obtain constructive critique and gather insight for self-improvement

Respect and Recognition

We recognize that our people are essential to our success and respect their exceptional efforts.


  • Value the professional skills and personal commitment made by every employee and contractor to Bruce
  • Provide clear leadership guidance and expectations to the workforce and reinforce these with positive coaching and
  • Acknowledge the need for work-life
  • Treat everyone with courtesy and encourage open and honest, two-way
  • Regularly inform employees of important information and business plan objectives, actions, and
  • Recognize and reinforce great performance and proper
  • Identify and address less than adequate performance and improper
  • Expect every employee and contractor to demonstrate strong team play

Passion for Excellence

We demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement to create sustainable performance excellence which benefits all of our stakeholders.


  • Benchmark actively and intelligently to align our performance metrics and targets with the top quarter of the
  • Explore the world for industry best
  • Input and champion new ideas and innovate to leap ahead of our
  • Embrace systematic and rigorous planning, scheduling and preparation to ensure
  • Execute our Business Plan by developing, executing and monitoring detailed action plans using key performance
  • Engage, challenge, and positively motivate each other to create contagious commitment and engagement throughout the
  • Are cost conscious in every business
  • Actively minimize
  • Constantly critique ourselves to identify lessons
  • Use training to support continuous performance improvement

Social Responsibility

We recognize business excellence and our financial strength as an opportunity for contributing to the greater good.


  • Advocate for Bruce Power and the nuclear
  • Consider the impact of our operations and actions on the
  • Foster a culture for open and honest, two-way dialogue with the public, the regulator and our
  • Recognize that our individual behaviours in all settings reflect on our company and our
  • Maintain our facilities with consideration for our neighbours and the
  • Endeavour to support community charitable initiatives through corporate and individual
  • Provide targeted relief in times of social calamity and disaster

We are open and transparent about our operations, and have developed a series of policies that outline our commitment to our community. These policies cover a number of items, including safety, the environment and working with local and provincial Aboriginal communities.