“Bruce Power recognizes the importance of its natural surroundings and understands the role it can play in committing to sound environmental management by monitoring its day-to-day work activities, products and services.

Our Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System provide the framework to achieve our goals of compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, prevention of pollution and reduction of waste and improvement in environmental performance.

Bruce Power is committed to:

  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulations, and other requirements.
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint in pursuit of target net zero by preventing pollution in the area of emissions, spills, waste and reducing impacts on the environment.
  • Managing our environmental footprint by protecting, conserving, and restoring our resources through energy conservation, reducing water consumption, and by reusing or recycling materials.
  • Adopting applicable best industry standards and requirements of ISO 14001 as a framework for achieving continual improvement and sustainable performance excellence.
  • Integrating environmental safety into our nuclear safety culture to promote and ingrain a sense of environmental responsibility beyond compliance.
  • Conducting open and transparent communication with partners, aboriginal groups, and stakeholders on environmental interests.
  • Demonstrating leadership in promoting initiatives that encourage environmental stewardship and awareness at work, in the community and across Ontario.
  • Leading by example through the application and practice of sustainability principles by incorporating environmental, social, and economic considerations in decision-making.

Bruce Power conforms to ISO 14001, Environmental Management System (EMS).