To build on 2016’s strong operational performance and help meet our goals, Bruce Power will focus on these key areas:

  • Safety First
  • Operational Excellence
  • Project Excellence
  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • People and Community

Safety First

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Safety First is Bruce Power’s number one value, and a strong safety culture and healthy work environment are at the heart of everything we do.

The Four Pillars of Nuclear Safety must always be at the top of our minds, with Reactor Safety being the overarching pillar. Think ‘target zero’ and let’s aspire to have no occupational injuries or illnesses, no station clock resets and no reactivity management events in 2017.

Operational Excellence

As we have demonstrated in recent years, we are successful in meeting our business plan goals when we operate safely, reliably and efficiently. In 2017, we will continue to strive for operational excellence in all that we do, focusing on our safety, human performance and continuous improvement efforts.

We know that predictable operations can be achieved when we commit to error-free execution, efficient outage performance and equipment reliability. That is why we have identified three key areas of focus for 2017 that will help lead us on the path to Operational Excellence: Error-Free Operations, Outage Health and Ready to Work.

Error-Free Operations
Our success depends on our ability to operate with no consequential human performance errors. Whether you are a permanent employee or supplemental staff, we must all work together to achieve industry top-quartile performance and improve toward top-decile performance. This will be accomplished by partnering with our unions and our supplier community, and by implementing common training programs and industry best practices.

Outage Health
The safe and successful execution of our outage program plays an important role in our ongoing success. In 2017, we will focus on improving our outage readiness through long-term preventive maintenance planning – using our model work orders – to ensure we have the long-lead parts and the task-specific training needed to do our jobs. With a long-term vision, we are able to maximize scope stability and improve equipment reliability.

Ready to Work
With all the work we do across site, it is important that we are prepared to safely and efficiently perform each task. This includes having the right part at the right time for the right job. Through improved planning and preparation, we can increase our ability to co-ordinate activities across the business to ensure that work is not delayed or deferred due to parts or resources being unavailable. In addition, the Ready to Work program will also help us to right-size our supply inventory.

Project Excellence

Project Excellence is needed to deliver value in our business. Safe and predictable project delivery is also critical to our long-term success, particularly as we implement our Asset Management projects and prepare for our Major Component Replacement (MCR) milestones.

In 2017, we will continue on the path to project excellence by:

  • Integrating structure and work activities at the enterprise level to successfully execute 25 years of critical activities while achieving operational goals.
  • Focusing on continuous improvement that builds a project management and controls culture; improves supply chain, contracts and logistics; and aligns supplier/contractor performance to world-class standards.
  • Enhancing project management and project leadership skills across site as well as continuing recruitment efforts to build out our Major Projects and Project Management and Construction teams in support of Asset Management, MCR and overall project excellence.
  • Delivering our projects on time and on budget, ensuring quality and consistency of work while putting Safety First and achieving operational goals.

Major Component Replacement
With important MCR milestones on the horizon, it is important we all work together to meet our goals. By the end of 2017, the MCR program will pass through Critical Decision 2 (CD-2) and enter the Preparation Phase. This CD-2 milestone is critical to continue to build investor confidence prior to the CD-3 milestone and to the issuance of the final Basis of Estimate (BoE) to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in mid-2018, which will support the Refurbishment Lock-in Date (RLD) in October 2018.

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation is all around us at Bruce Power, allowing us to do our jobs in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. Innovation will also continue to drive our success as we strive for operational excellence every day. In 2017, we will continue to collaborate with the community, suppliers, unions, OPG and the industry to improve our operations and achieve our life-extension goals while adding value for our stakeholders.

As we move forward with major tooling projects including the Bruce Reactor Inspection and Maintenance System (BRIMS), site-wide developments related to project controls, and revolutionary programs like our Cobalt-60 initiative, we are improving our operations and work management, and helping build a brighter, more sustainable future.

Work will also continue on the design and deployment of Maximo, a site-wide business application that will replace current in-house operations management functions in summer 2017 and all current PassPort applications in summer 2018. Maximo will help ensure a sustainable future by enabling continuous efficiency improvements and innovation based on industry best practices. This will enhance our long-term business performance.

People and community

Bruce Power is in the people business. To secure our future, it is important that we remain engaged, dedicated and committed to safety in all that we do.

It is also important we do our best work to earn the confidence of our customers – the ratepayers of Ontario – by providing them with the lowest cost electricity possible and by delivering flexible operations and economic development opportunities to Ontario.

Key focus areas in 2017 include:

  • Meeting people resource demands to successfully execute Asset Management and MCR activities.
  • Taking action and driving positive change to increase overall employee engagement, with a focus on career development, operating efficiency and performance management.
  • Developing current and future leaders to prepare for long-term, sustainable operational and project excellence.
  • Successful collective bargaining with the Power Workers’ Union to ensure stability considering our current business realities.
  • Fostering strong support from the region for our corporate social responsibility, economic development and community outreach programs.
  • Engaging with key stakeholders, supporters and the public to help influence a positive outcome related to the Ontario Long-Term Energy Plan Review.
  • Collaborating with OPG to identify and implement efficiencies, share lessons learned and leverage economies of scale to ensure our life-extension activities stay on time and on budget.
  • Preparing for the submission of the 10-year Power Reactor Operating Licence in 2017 that will also include an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) and the need for broad engagement of stakeholders, communities and aboriginal groups ahead of the hearings in 2018.
  • Preparing for the Bruce B WANO Peer Review and the OSART Follow-up Review.