Bruce Power was a stop on this science road trip!

This month, we met the Iwaasa family from Alberta who have been on a science road trip since February. They decided to make the Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre part of their North American tour! We caught up with the family of four (Mark, Stacie, Logan and Evan) about how their road trip is going, why they decided to visit us and what’s next for them. 

Where are you from?

We are from Raymond, Alberta, Canada.  We are teachers in the Westwind School Division, sharing this trip with our students.

Your road trip began in February. When does it finish?

We finish at the end of July.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen?

That is a difficult question.  From the large telescopes in Arizona, the vistas of Yosemite or the space shuttle at the Smithsonian.  There was such diversity in what we saw.

Why did you want to come to Bruce Power?

We wanted to learn more about nuclear power and the CANDU reactor as well.  There is no nuclear power out west.

What did you think of Bruce Power? Did you do a bus tour?

We had a great time at Bruce Power and the bus tour.  It was interesting to see the size of the site and to learn about how the facility works and mitigates it’s impact.

What’s next for the four of you?

We are headed to SNOLAB in Sudbury.  Then the Devil Tower in Wyoming.

You can read more about the Iwaasa’s family’s journey on their website. You can come see the Bruce Power site yourself on one of our bus tours, which are offered three times per day in July and August. Book your tour now


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