Slip Free Winter Readiness

During the winter season we experience an increase in slips and falls across site and in some cases they can result in significant injury.  These types of events are all preventable with the appropriate behaviours that we expect from everyone on site. 

The following are expectations that everyone on the Bruce Power site is expected to adhere to.  With appropriate behaviours we can have an event free slip free season.

All individuals are expected to:

  • Arrive on site wearing appropriate footwear for the conditions.  Winter footwear should have soft rubber soles and deep treads to provide grip in the snow and ice.
    • Winter-rated boots purchased from the Boot Truck are identified by a snow flake.
  • Stay on designated walkways.  Designated walkways from parking lots to doors, and between buildings will be maintained by the Bruce Power slip free crew.  Everyone is to remain on them and not take shortcuts through unmaintained areas.
  • Salt bins are stored at all entrance/exit doors on site.  Everyone has the ability, and is expected to clear snow around doorways and lay salt to melt snow and ice.
  • For any outdoor work assigned, ensure cleats or other gripping devices for boots are provided to employees.
  • Any potential slipping hazards that are not addressed onsite are to be reported to our slip free hotline at ext.15700.
  • Monitor during weather events for up to date weather and travel info.

Over-Boot Gripping Devices

Bruce Power has the following devices availble through stores:

Russell Associates Ice Cleats –
CAT ID 339627

Geroline ​Ice Cleats –
CAT ID 723438


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