Bruce Power inspection update

At Bruce Power our Safety First value drives every decision we make and every activity we do.

As part of our ongoing planned inspection, testing, analysis and maintenance activities, we recently observed some higher-than-anticipated readings in one of the ways we analyze the condition of our pressure tubes in two units, both of which are not currently operating. Unit 3 is presently in a routine inspection and maintenance outage, while Unit 6 is undergoing its Major Component Replacement, where all pressure tubes are being replaced.

We completed an immediate review of this following our rigorous processes and concluded there was no impact on the safety of the units. All six units that are currently operating have recently undergone similar inspections and demonstrated fitness for service.

We proactively shared this information with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and with other CANDU operators to ensure we continue to contribute to the collective understanding from these inspection activities, which we collaborate on through the CANDU Owners Group.

Inspection activities undertaken, including recent inspection and maintenance outage campaigns, have demonstrated the ongoing safe operation of the pressure tubes, which will continue to be thoroughly inspected in future planned outages.

These inspection activities form the basis of common tools that we continue to strengthen and evolve that have a proven track record of ensuring safety. These inspection results will be used alongside a large set of information collected over many years, to continue to build on the activities we routinely perform to demonstrate the continued safe, reliable operation of our units.

On July 26, CNSC issued an order, consistent with the principles demonstrated by Bruce Power, to maintain safety through inspections and inspection data as a proven method to demonstrate the fitness for service of pressure tubes.

As has clearly been expressed, safety is not impacted and Bruce Power will use its robust inspection tools and results to continue to demonstrate safety and fitness for service of these components and will provide this information to the CNSC.

For more information on pressure tubes visit Pressure tubes: The heart of the reactor – Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.