Ontario Nuclear Innovation Institute

On May 16, 2018, Bruce Power and the County of Bruce announced a new partnership to establish Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII). The Institute will be an applied research facility that will advance collaboration and research. It will be a space that enables researchers and industry to come together to identify new and innovative solutions.

With nearly 40 nuclear industry businesses located in the region, the Institute will harness this strong foundation and consolidate the many existing activities to advance the work of each partner.

For Bruce Power the main focus is to develop future innovations and partnerships to enhance key areas of Bruce Power’s operations including safety, reliability, efficiency, productivity and project execution. For Bruce County, the Institute will serve as physical space to support and enhance, innovation, craft trades and skilled workforce development, as well as, business incubation and acceleration.

The key focus areas of the Institute will include:

  • Artificial intelligence and cyber security
  • Medical and industrial isotopes
  • Health and environmental excellence in the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay areas
  • Indigenous economic development
  • Nuclear sector, operational excellence

The Institute will also include a Skilled Trades and Training Secretariat, consisting of industry leaders who will be responsible for coordinating and increasing employment in the skilled trades to support building a strong, sustainable regional labour force.

The Institute may also offer practical classes, training and/or materials to inform and engage the youth in the area on technologies and opportunities available through technical fields and craft trades. It will also evaluate applications for new nuclear technologies including Small Modular Reactor (SMRs), which will be an essential component to future carbon-free electricity needs.

The Institute will also include an innovation centre for businesses in the form of a business incubator and accelerator.

We are still in the initial stages of scoping the purpose and functions of the Institute and through a detailed planning and development process will determine a more detailed scope of the Institutes core activities and partners.

Learn more about Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute.


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