We power more for less.

We provide families and businesses with 30% of their electricity, while receiving only 6.7 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

That’s nearly five cents less than the average price of power in the province in 2018 (12.6 cents/kWh). Source: Ontario Energy Board annual report.

That means, for every kilowatt of emissions-free electricity generated by Bruce Power, the people and business owners of Ontario are paying less for power than they would with almost any other source of energy. As the below chart shows, only hydroelectric power costs the people and businesses of Ontario less than Bruce Power nuclear, while other sources of power are considerably more expensive.

OEB 2017 Unit Supply Costs (cents/kWh)

Residential cost of power (12.6 cents/kWh)
Bruce Power nuclear (6.7 cents/kWh)
Combined Ontario nuclear (7.7 cents/kWh)
Gas (18.8 cents/kWh)
Wind (15.9 cents/kWH)
Solar (51.3 cents/kWh)
Hydro (6.2 cents/kWh)

While there are many components that make up an electricity bill, including distribution and transmission charges, if you received 100% of your electricity from Bruce Power, this portion of your bill would be at least 30% less.

That’s powering more for less.

Bruce Power sells all of its electricity under a controlled contract with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). As outlined, in 2018, this cost was 6.7 cents per kW/h and this covers all investment the company has made in the site, as well as the funding of all long-term liabilities as required in the company’s lease with the province.

Bruce Power also makes available about 2,400 megawatts of flexible generation to accommodate intermittent sources like wind and solar in the market, and to meet changing demand. Bruce Power is the only nuclear operator in Ontario to offer this feature, which alleviates pressure on the IESO during times of lower demand for electricity.

Our long-term future

Bruce Power and the IESO entered into a long-term agreement in 2015 to extend the life of the Bruce Power site to 2064 through the life-extension of six units. The Life-Extension Program, which began on Jan. 1, 2016, remains on time and on budget, and will allow the province to maintain a low-carbon, low-cost electricity sector by maintaining nuclear as its baseload energy provider for decades.

The Life-Extension Program, which has twice been named Canada’s Number 1 Infrastructure Project, will create and sustain 22,000 jobs, directly and indirectly, annually, while injecting $4 billion into Ontario’s economy every year through 2064.

We will do all this while presenting zero risk to ratepayers, because all investments in the site will be met by our private-sector owners, including any potential cost over-runs. Through our arrangement with the IESO, we rebate money back to the electricity system for operational efficiencies we achieve, as per our agreement, on a three-year basis – further reducing the price of power for families and businesses.

As the only private nuclear company in Ontario, and one of Canada’s most successful Public-Private Partnerships, Bruce Power provides the people and businesses of the province with price stability due to its long-term contract and no risk of cost over-runs, all while generating no carbon emissions and producing medical isotopes that save millions of lives worldwide each year.