This morning, the Toronto Star released a story regarding political contributions made by Bruce Power. Like many companies and organizations across the province, Bruce Power has a policy of donating to all major political parties in the province including the New Democratic Party, Progressive Conservative Party and the Ontario Liberal Party.

All contributions are made in compliance with Elections Ontario rules that provide transparency and full disclosure of donations made by individuals, organizations and companies real-time. Thousands of these donations are made annually across the province and all of these are open to the public through the Elections Ontario website.

Bruce Power has also held the public position for a number of years that the province should focus on the refurbishment of the existing units at Bruce and Darlington first, as opposed to progressing with a first-of-a-kind new build at this time. Output from refurbished nuclear is very cost-competitive and with the experience over the last 10 years the future program will not be first-of-a-kind.

In addition, Bruce Power has always maintained that there are benefits to the ratepayer of finding ways to better co-ordinate activities between the various facilities in the province, especially with a refurbishment program on the horizon.

Bruce Power’s position on these issues is no secret to anyone in the energy sector and has been on the public record for some time.

It’s disappointing that with so many pressing issues facing the province this is the focus of discussion. While this is outside of Bruce Power’s control, the company will continue to communicate the positive role we plan to play in the province for many years to come and will continue to participate in the democratic process in donating to Ontario’s three main political parties.