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Supply Chain Organization Contacts

Analytics, Integration and Logistics Division

Stephen Marcotte, Division Manager
Jordan Ross, Department Manager, Foundations
Lisete Miranda, Department Manager, Warehouse and Logistics
Dave Eddie, Section Manager, Analytics

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Division

Randy Fehr, Division Manager
Rachel Stack, Department Manager, Projects & Design Commercial Support
Ross Thompson, Department Manager, EPD & Stations Commercial Support
Ben Palmer, Department Manager, Corporate Commercial Support

Supplier Performance, Oversight and MCR

Manoj Aggarwal, Division Manager
Darren Kirkpatrick, Director, MCR Commercial Support
Sebastian Palazzo, Director, Supplier Management and Material Oversight


Controlled Nuclear Information – Mike Specht, Regulatory Affairs

Bruce Power Supplier Commercial Lead Contacts

ATS – Dave Porcellato – 519-361-2673 x24259
BCI – Lisa Keown – 519-361-2673 x16573
Black & McDonald – Ettienne Stassen – 226-930-1767
Brotech – Lisa Keown – 519-361-2673 x16573
BWXT – Julie Ernewein – 519-361-2673 x21074
Cameco – Lisa Keown – 519-361-2673 x16573
CANDU-SNC – Grant Ross – 519-361-2673 x14484
EMC – Adam Kahgee – 519-361-2673 x17352
Energy Solutions – Jeremy Beaty – 519-361-2673 x11995
ES Fox – Adam Kahgee – 519-361-2673 x17352
Framatome – Adam Kahgee – 519-361-2673 x17352
GE/Alstom – Carly Bragg, 226-930-1143
Kinectrics & Kinectrics NSS – Holly Goodings – 519-361-2673 x12260
Laker Energy – Dave Porcellato – 519-361-2673 x24259
Niagara Energy – Lisa Keown – 519-361-2673 x16573
NuTech – Lisa Keown – 519-361-2673 x16573
Plan Group – Kendra Kregar – 519-361-2673 x 15848
SGRT (AREVA/SGT/Aecon/United Engineers & Constructors) – Leanne Roberts – 519-361-2673 x13202
Shoreline (Aecon/United Engineers & Constructors/SNC) – Leanne Roberts – 519-361-2673 x13202
Siemens – Carly Bragg – 226-930-1143
Tetra Tech – Grant Ross – 519-361-2673 x14484

Business Division Commercial SPOCs

Communications, EPS, BPMS Executive, Law and Supply Chain

Business Services, Continuous Improvement/GOAL, Finance, Maintenance, NORA & Performance Improvement and Quality Services

Chemistry, Conventional Safety, Corporate Planning, Environment, Human Resources, Power Trading, Training and Work Management

COS Operations, COS Projects (non PMC), Site Services


IT, Software

Outage & EPD Contracts and Radiation Protection

PMC and Project Controls

  • Adam Kahgee CS (Electrical, I&C)
    519-361-2673 x17352
  • Carly Bragg CS (Rotating Equipment, Motors, Pumps)
  • Kendra Kregar CS (Mechanical, Valves, Heat Exchangers)
    519-361-2673 x15848

Confidential Contact

To continuously improve how Bruce Power works with suppliers, we have opened the email address This email address will be received by a small team of supply chain staff that are arm’s length from the contract-award process and will keep your feedback anonymous unless you indicate otherwise.

The purpose of this is to open a channel for suppliers to submit feedback and suggestions to Bruce Power on how we have worked with you and how we may improve our joint performance for the future. Please note that this email address is not intended for use with respect to PO or contract status, or related topics (invoice payment status, planned contract issuance date, etc); we encourage you to reach out to your direct contacts on these matters.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and to resolving performance gaps for our mutual benefit in the future.

Recent Events

Bruce Power will be implementing Maximo, a new enterprise asset management system to replace Passport. Effective immediately, we are making changes to the invoice submission process.

For more information, please contact:


We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities across the world in the unquestionable proclamation that their lives matter.

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