Bruce Power is informing boaters of the presence of thermal monitoring stations in the vicinity of the Bruce site, which contain ropes that pose a risk of entangling in propellers.

Bruce Power conducts long-term and continuous monitoring of the thermal water plume from the Bruce A and B outflows in order to determine the extent and duration of the plume, seasonal variations, and to verify that site operations are causing no significant adverse environmental impacts.

There have been 25 monitoring stations deployed since the last fall, and they will remain in place until May, when the current winter stations will be replaced with a summer configuration, where surface marker buoys are used.

The monitoring stations span from McRae Point, south of the Bruce site, to MacGregor Point, to the north. They are deployed between five and 20 metres of depth. The map and coordinates provided indicate where the stations are located close to shore, and they extend off shore about 2.5 km.

A series of ropes connect the anchors and the temperature loggers. Due to natural conditions in the lake, such as currents and wave action, it’s possible for the anchors to shift position, allowing the ropes to rise closer to the surface than intended. With the lack of ice accumulation on the lake surface this winter, there is now the potential for boat propellers to make contact with the ropes. Bruce Power requests that boaters exercise caution, be aware and remain mindful of the hazard while in the vicinity of the Bruce site.

The winter configuration is depicted in the diagram below:


Locations of Thermal Monitoring Stations


GPS locations of Thermal Monitoring Stations


No. Latitude Longitude
1 44.43815056 -81.51555112
3 44.41998588 -81.49400259
4 44.40139398 -81.54438646
6 44.37740749 -81.58418156
7 44.38242901 -81.56542563
8 44.37039075 -81.59361103
10 44.37157846 -81.5670347
13 44.36175077 -81.59969646
14 44.35186272 -81.5599877
17 44.34943054 -81.55916426
18 44.34435673 -81.56288373
19 44.34322039 -81.58871835
20 44.338290 -81.593820
21 44.33370274 -81.60275142
22 44.330150 -81.603883
23 44.3021582 -81.6032006
24 44.32286653 -81.61681952
27 44.28706214 -81.61106165
29 44.26700777 -81.62288332
31 44.35731397 -81.57786311
32 44.35014326 -81.58866362
33 44.34043701 -81.56217261
35 44.250600 -81.622120
37 44.255760 -81.631210
38 44.439230 -81.495460

If you have any questions about the monitoring or to report any misplaced or damaged equipment, contact John Peevers at 519-361-2673 x6583, email or call the Duty Media Officer at 519 361-6161.

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