Bruce Power and its employees are celebrating the first anniversary of the return to service of Unit 1 after a first-of-a-kind refurbishment project at the Bruce A facility.

Unit 1, which has performed admirably since it resynchronized to Ontario’s electricity grid, was laid up in 1997 by the former Ontario Hydro. Bruce Power, a private company that began operating the Bruce nuclear site in 2001, created an aggressive program to bring the units back to life, a feat many thought impossible from the outset.

“Although we had to overcome obstacles along the way, it is humbling, in hindsight, to recall how many innovative, first-of-a-kind programs and tooling devices were developed and used when returning this unit to service,” said Duncan Hawthorne, President and CEO. “But that’s what pioneers do – they take a chance, sort out the problems and keep going.”

Unit 1 was the third of four Bruce A units to be returned to service by Bruce Power since 2003. Unit 2 achieved commercial operation with the Ontario Power Authority on Oct. 31, 2012. The return of these four units has provided 70 per cent of the energy Ontario needs to phase out the province’s coal generating facilities, which pollute the air. Bruce Power nuclear creates zero carbon emissions and is safe, reliable and low cost.

About Bruce Power

Bruce Power operates one of the world’s largest nuclear sites and is the source of roughly 25 per cent of Ontario’s electricity. The company’s site in Tiverton, Ontario is home to eight CANDU reactors, each one capable of generating enough low-cost, reliable, safe and clean electricity to meet the annual needs of a city the size of Hamilton. Formed in 2001, Bruce Power is an all-Canadian partnership among TransCanada, Cameco, Borealis Infrastructure Management (a division of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) as well as the Power Workers’ Union and Society of Energy Professionals. A majority of Bruce Power’s 4,000 employees are also owners of the business.


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