An initiative to enhance emergency preparedness practices in Grey-Bruce-Huron is progressing with Bruce Power preparing to mail out a Community Safety Guide to residences and businesses in the three counties, while the company is on track to complete the re-distribution of potassium iodide tablets by September.

The Guide, designed in partnership with neighbouring counties and health units is one of several initiatives which include a ‘be prepared’ website, pre-distribution of potassium iodide tablets and upgrades to public emergency notification tools.

Being prepared for a range of potential emergencies could make all the difference and because a nuclear event is extremely unlikely we wanted to use these tools to give local residents information about what to do in situations that are likely to occur such as severe weather,

said Frank Merkt, Community Emergency Management Coordinator for The Municipality of Kincardine.

The Guide is intended to help residents familiarize themselves with emergency phone numbers, create a fire escape plan, know how to deal with severe weather, and know what to pack in their 72-hour emergency survival kit. The best emergency response is emergency preparedness.

The Guide also contains a voucher for residences and businesses within 50 km of Bruce Power who would like to pick-up potassium iodide tablets to keep in their homes from participating local pharmacies. While this is an option available to local residents, it’s important to note that these tablets are stored around the region and could easily be accessed if ever required. For residents and businesses within 10 km of the facility, the company has completed pre-distribution, which was an initiative launched earlier this year.

“Pre-distribution to residences within 10 km of our site began earlier this year and is now complete,” said James Scongack, Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

We’re now focusing on a 50 km radius. Although it’s very unlikely the tablets will ever be needed, residents in this area have the option to pick-up tablets from some local pharmacies, however, we also want to reassure people that we have sufficient stocks of these within the region in the unlikely event they were ever needed.

Toll-free teleconferences are scheduled at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 18, for the public to learn more about the Guide and the potassium iodide initiative, said Scongack. Individuals wishing to participate can dial 1-800-291-9241 toll-free to join in.

More information about emergency preparedness in Grey, Bruce and Huron Counties can be found online at

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