Bruce Power continues to let the people of the province in on Ontario’s best kept secret – its safe, reliable and carbon-free nuclear sector.

The company, located near Tiverton, ON, continued its outreach efforts about Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage on both the west and east ends of the Greater Toronto Area today. This energy education campaign highlights the strengths and benefits of Ontario’s nuclear industry, which not only provides safe, affordable, reliable and carbon-free electricity but is an important source of jobs, investment and innovation for the province.

In 2013, nuclear provided 60% of Ontario’s electricity, with Bruce Power supplying over half of that, while meeting 30 per cent of the province’s overall energy needs. Yet, the cost of Bruce Power nuclear was 30% less than the average price per kilowatt/hour of electricity, saving the people of Ontario money on their electricity bills.

Bruce Power is unique and innovative public-private partnership where the company invests its own money into Ontario taxpayer-owned assets. Bruce Power’s two major unions, which represent over 90% of employees, are also owners in the business. A majority of employees also invest in Bruce Power. Bruce Power has operated, maintained and invested $7 billion into the eight, publicly owned units on the Bruce site since 2001.

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