May 3 was pick-up day for the 3rd annual tree sale in Saugeen Shores, where 233 deciduous, evergreen and fruit trees were picked up and planted.

The program, developed by Trees for Saugeen in cooperation with the Town of Saugeen Shores Public Works staff and the Port Elgin Scouts, received $20,000 from Bruce Power.

Each year, these groups come together to host a unique subsidized tree program for the residents of Saugeen Shores to acquire trees for their properties at a reduced cost. Bruce Power has generously provided funding to many Trees for Saugeen programs and some representatives happily participated in this year’s tree sale.

“It was a beautiful day for tree planting and we were particularly impressed with the number of volunteers and organizers who passionately worked throughout the day,”

said Francis Chua, Environment and Sustainability Manager.

“Bruce Power is extremely proud to be a part of this important event.”

The main purpose of the sale is to extend the urban tree canopy throughout Saugeen Shores for cleaner air and a healthier environment. Developed by Trees for Saugeen as a case study, and available for any municipality to use, this type of program lowers the costs to residents so more people can afford to purchase mature trees. Everest Nurseries, a large caliper tree growing business in Hepworth, provides surplus trees to the community program at a reduced cost to ensure more trees are planted, which helps with climate change.

More than 20 Scouts and adult helpers delivered 46 trees to 14 different locations and also planted 42 trees in the community.