Bruce Power has made a major contribution towards the purchase of a nuclear medicine camera for Grey Bruce Health Services Owen Sound Hospital.

“Helping to build a strong health care infrastructure in the region has always been a priority for us and it’s very satisfying and humbling to help purchase a machine we know will save lives,” said Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

More than $800,000 was raised over a two-year period for the camera thanks to thousands of donations, including the $200,000 donation from Bruce Power. The Owen Sound Hospital is the only hospital in Bruce and Grey counties with a nuclear medicine program and every year more than 5,500 patients undergo testing at the hospital.

“Thanks to the generosity of Bruce Power and many other donors, we are able to offer state-of-the-art nuclear medicine testing to our patients,” said Maureen Solecki, President and CEO of Grey Bruce Health Services.

Nuclear medicine testing employs unique technology that can detect health problems which MRI and CT scans cannot. During a test, the patient is given an injection of mildly radioactive material that will seek out the part of the body in question. The area will give off radioactivity which the camera detects and uses to create images. Areas with abnormal growth, such as cancer, will appear as ‘hot spots’ on the test. The radioactivity leaves the patient’s body within 24 hours.

“This machine gives medical staff the ability to view areas of interest in three dimensions, rather than two,” said, Dr. Laura Howlett, Chief Radiologist at Grey Bruce Health Services. “These 3D images are very helpful in cancer studies or when we’re looking at the function of the heart.”

Canada is a leader in nuclear medicine – our health care professionals use radioisotopes to treat cancer, to help diagnose illness, and to sterilize medical equipment. For many years, Canadian-produced medical isotopes for nuclear medicine have been used for about 50,000 procedures each day.

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