The innovation Bruce Power has used to refurbish its four Bruce A units has been a hot topic at industry functions this week.

In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario’s Building and Construction Trades Council is holding its 56th annual convention today. This annual forum draws hundreds of leaders from union, business and government.

Bruce Power has built a strong relationship with Ontario’s building trades since 2001 while returning the site to its full operating potential of eight units. Through private investment in public assets, the Bruce Power site has been the single largest worksite of building trade activity in the province over the last decade.

At the convention, James Scongack, Bruce Power’s Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, presented Bruce Power’s 2040 vision, which will see us provide the province with a reliable source of affordable, clean electricity for decades to come.

“Focusing on refurbishment is central to Bruce Power’s 2040 vision,” James said. “By securing 6,300 megawatts for the long term, we will continue to provide Ontario families and business with affordable electricity, while we create jobs and economic growth through private investment in public assets.”

Scongack also shared with delegates the focus on innovation that has been central to Bruce Power’s success with revitalizing the site.

“Innovation at work is not only our company motto, it’s central to what we do every day at Bruce Power and we are proud of the work we have done with Ontario’s Building Trades to deliver on this agenda,” James added.

In South Carolina, at the General Electric Nuclear Leadership Forum, Len Clewett, ‎Bruce Power’s Chief Nuclear Officer, shared the company’s success with innovation in the revitalization of the site. GE is also another organization committed to innovation and Bruce Power was pleased to be asked to share the company’s success at such a prestigious forum.

“Innovation has been central to Bruce Power’s success over the last decade, providing Ontario with affordable electricity and creating economic opportunities for the province,” Len said. “Our success with innovation is something that is of interest to the nuclear industry globally.”

A continued commitment to innovation is key to Bruce Power’s 2040 vision to keep electricity costs low for families and business while creating economic growth and jobs through private investment in public assets.