Bruce Power launched a new outreach initiative today to highlight the strength and benefits of Ontario’s nuclear industry, which not only provides safe, affordable and reliable electricity but is an important source of jobs, investment and innovation for the province.

In many ways, the nuclear industry is Ontario’s best kept secret,

said Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Our industry is a source of competitively priced electricity, jobs and investment, while being respected internationally. By pulling together, I believe the industry can turn Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan policy into action and be a major driver of economic growth in the province.

The 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan earmarks a significant role for nuclear with a multi-year renewal program of the Bruce and Darlington facilities.

Ontario’s nuclear industry generates affordable, clean electricity every day, drives innovation, creates jobs, builds our knowledge economy and sustains a strong supply chain,

Hawthorne added.

“Nuclear powers half of Ontario’s schools, hospitals, businesses and houses and in 2013 was 30% cheaper than the average rate of electricity.”

In 2013, a majority of the province’s nuclear came from Bruce Power, a unique and innovative partnership where the company invests its own money into Ontario taxpayer-owned assets. Bruce Power’s two major unions, which represent over 90% of employees, are also owners in the business. A majority of employees also invest in Bruce Power.

The Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage outreach initiative involves web and print advertising with major Ontario newspapers, communicating a number of key facts, along with an interactive website that helps tell Ontario’s nuclear story. Learn more at

We live in a province with many things we should be proud of and our nuclear industry is an important part of the Ontario we are building together,

Hawthorne said

About Bruce Power

Bruce Power operates the world’s largest operating nuclear generating facility and is the source of roughly 30% of Ontario’s electricity. The company’s site in Tiverton, ON, is home to eight CANDU reactors, each one capable of generating enough low-cost, reliable, safe and clean electricity to meet the annual needs of a city the size of Hamilton. Formed in 2001, Bruce Power is an all-Canadian partnership among Borealis Infrastructure Management (a division of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System), TransCanada, the Power Workers’ Union and the Society of Energy Professionals. A majority of Bruce Power’s employees are also owners in the business.

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