For the seventh consecutive year, Bruce Power’s Nuclear Response Team’s competition team has claimed top spot at the Security Protection Officer Team Competition (SPOTC), held at the Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina in late-April.

Bruce Power’s team claimed first place in eight of nine events, receiving 990.5 of a possible 1,000 points. The SPOTC is a competition for the U.S.-based Department of Energy (DOE) security forces, but is also open to US military and police SWAT, as well as Canadian and U.K. teams, which compete in the non-DOE category. Bruce Power was represented by Officers Jordan MacDougall, Mike McFarlane, Rob Bosman, Sam McCulloch, Kyle Roulston and Jeff Steven.

The nine events are designed to test tactical, physical, and firearm proficiency, while focusing on speed, strength, agility and teamwork.

“The 990.5 points is the most we’ve ever scored at SPOTC,” said John Latouf, Deputy Chief, Emergency and Protective Services. “What’s more impressive is that four of our six team members were rookies at SPOTC, and they really stepped up to the plate despite their lack of tactical competition experience.”

The team was captained by Jordan MacDougall, who was in the role for the first time and did an excellent job, he added.

Many of the other teams are full-time competitors, while Bruce Power’s members are a cross-section of the Nuclear Response Team, and were returned to their regular around-the-clock duties upon returning.

“To be a member of our competition team requires a lot of personal commitment,” John said. “Team members spend a lot of their off-duty time in the gym getting their fitness level exceptionally high. Then we pull them off regular duty for several weeks and really ramp up the training in fitness, firearms, stamina… these guys are essentially at the Olympic athlete level.”

Five of the six competitors are also homegrown, Bruce Power talent, he added, while only one has a military background.

What’s more impressive than the high score and consecutive championships is the feedback that company officials, as well as the CNSC which attends to observe, receives about the team members.

“Our people are extremely well thought of by their fellow competitors and the organizers. They’re humble, gracious, respectful and just great ambassadors for Bruce Power and Canada,” John said. “Winning is a very close second to representing our company positively, which all of our team members do.”