Bruce Power is pleased to announce the official signing of a first-of-a-kind Métis Engagement Protocol with the Historic Saugeen Métis (HSM).

“We value the strong and positive relations we enjoy with the local community, including the Historic Saugeen Métis,” said Brian Armstrong, Bruce Power’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. “As we consider expanding our operations, having a strong working relationship with the Historic Saugeen Métis citizens is vital to our future success.”

The Historic Saugeen Métis hosted the signing ceremony at its Administration Offices in Southampton, Ont. Through the Protocol, the HSM Energy Consultation Committee, led by Vice-President Archie Indoe, will ensure the Historic Saugeen community has full and meaningful participation in the ongoing Environmental Assessment and regulatory process of the Bruce New Build Project.

“The Historic Saugeen Métis and Bruce Power have an existing relationship that is built on recognition and mutual respect,” said President Patsy L. McArthur. “Both parties want to build on this to ensure the Saugeen Métis are engaged in a meaningful way.”

The Historic Saugeen Métis have historically hunted, fished, traded and lived in the traditional Saugeen territory since the early 1800s. Stewardship of the environment that sustained their ancestors will ensure the land is protected for future generations.

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