A number of media outlets have reported on an administrative review by the Auditor General related to documentation by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

It is not our position to comment on a review of our independent regulator, however, it’s important to communicate as part of this dialogue the strong safety record of Canada’s nuclear industry, which we as an operator take very seriously.

Our nuclear industry is one of the safest and most heavily regulated in the world, and Canada’s nuclear sector is respected globally as demonstrated last week at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Assembly.

Safety First is our number one value.

Numerous times a year, we open our doors to a series of independent evaluators, including organizations like the IAEA.

Lessons are learned through these independent reviews and actions are taken to strengthen our facilities. We have a strong track record of safety and, through this, protect our employees, the environment and the public every day, while generating an important source of electricity.

In addition to this, the Independent CNSC has permanent staff at nuclear facilities around the clock ensuring regulations are met, and safety procedures and protocols are both in place and enforced. Canada’s nuclear facilities undergo detailed reviews annually, and also during our relicencing process, which is completed in the most open and transparent way, through public meetings.

Safe, reliable and carbon-free nuclear energy has been the backbone of Ontario’s electrical system for 40 years. Though we provide 60 per cent of the province’s power, our primary focus every day is Safety First.