Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and CEO, sent this letter yesterday to The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment & Climate Change

RE: Support for Ontario Power Generation’s Deep Geological Repository at the Bruce site

Dear Minister McKenna,

I would like to express Bruce Power’s support for Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) proposed Deep Geological Repository (DGR) at the Bruce Power site, near Tiverton, ON.

As concluded by the Joint Review Panel, this is a safe and effective way to manage this level of waste over the long term, and it’s important that we accept the findings of this independent, science-based process. In addition, as an active member in the host region of the proposed DGR, we think it’s also important for us to recognize support from local municipalities and the commitment OPG has made to Indigenous Communities moving forward.

The long-term storage of low and intermediate level waste through a DGR facility is an internationally accepted strategy, which results in a safe and scientifically sound solution. It is also one that we at Bruce Power have integrated into our long-term waste management strategy for our Life-Extension Program, as well as the continued operation of our site to 2064 and beyond.

We have a requirement to fully fund the cost of the waste products we produce and the eventual decommissioning of the facility, and this is included in our price of power. The cost of the DGR as a key element to this equation is funded within both Bruce Power’s and OPG’s long-term planning.

In the nuclear industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliable, low-cost and low-carbon electricity, resulting in the avoidance of millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Like all forms of power, we strive to continuously lessen our impact, and, as is often highlighted through various public forums, waste minimization and storage is one of our industry’s leading efforts.

Through a unique agreement by which Bruce Power leases its two stations from OPG, we work very closely on waste management reduction strategies and strive to remain on the cutting edge of innovation.  Even with the approval of the DGR, we will continue to innovate to minimize waste through our operations and across our industry.

We acknowledge that decisions of this scale require extensive analysis and scrutiny to ensure that it truly is a sound decision. This project has been in development and part of the regulatory process for a long time, and all involved have asked challenging questions during the process. However, the CEAA Panel process is both extensive and independent and relies on facts and science to make its conclusions. The process has yielded a very clear result, and it is important that OPG is now enabled to move forward.

Nuclear has powered the Province of Ontario for decades, providing low-cost, reliable electricity, and allowing Canada to be a leader in the production of medical isotopes such as Cobalt-60 which is exported around the world. The industry has created good jobs and economic growth, while keeping the air we breathe clean.

As you know, waste is a by-product of our industry that requires safe, long-term management. The industry has managed this for over 50 years in a safe way, and we need to position ourselves to build on this strong track record. OPG has proven to be a leader in minimizing and safely storing this material for decades, and for over 10 years has been rigorously evaluating a safe and responsible long-term solution for waste management. The DGR is its proposed solution, and based on the technical case, the Bruce site is the right location for it to be constructed.

Please accept this letter as Bruce Power’s full support for a DGR on the Bruce site. We are confident in the regulatory process that has taken the project to this point and our understanding that OPG will continue to follow through on the commitments it has made to engage local municipalities and Indigenous communities who have an interest in this project.


Mike Rencheck,
President and CEO,
Bruce Power