In the coming weeks, the Ontario Government is expected to release a revised Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), which will provide the province’s energy sector the policy position to advance commercial arrangements, consistent with this, to either secure existing or procure new generation.

There has been lots of focus in the media on various issues and developments related to the energy sector and unfortunately the commentary, in many cases, ‎hasn’t focused on or provided a complete overview of the important issues that need to be tackled to keep prices low, grow the economy and protect the air we breathe.

More recently, there has been focus on the government’s position it will not be proceeding with new build but will advance the refurbishments at Bruce and Darlington.

Throughout this debate, Bruce Power has provided a consistent, pragmatic, factually based position on the positive role we can play moving forward. That’s our focus. Within a balanced supply mix, we believe our economic, operational and environmental attributes will continue to serve the province well.

We have also been very open about what our industry needs to be focused on – the refurbishment program. This program will secure low-cost output for the long-term and also grow our economy. This has been reflected in all of our commentary over the last several years and in our formal LTEP submission earlier this summer. It is also reflected in this briefing.

In 2009, Bruce Power decided to not advance new build options we had developed at Bruce and Nanticoke given the evolving market conditions. These options were strongly supported by host communities and extensive technical and environmental work was completed to confirm the viability of these sites.  The same is the case with the Darlington project advanced by OPG. In our industry we look decades out and the important work carried-out with all three of these new build options will be invaluable over the long-term as they confirm the viability of these sites.

Bruce Power is Canada’s largest private sector nuclear company. We are in the nuclear business. We are proud of the role our sector plays in Ontario and internationally. We want to see the nuclear industry be successful. To achieve this, we must get our refurbishments right first, secure this output and take credible positions as we successfully ‎progress and build confidence we can deliver our role for decades to come as the market and economy in the province continually evolves.