Bruce Power’s Unit 5 reached 500 days of uninterrupted service today.

The Bruce B unit, which is one of the world’s top-rated pressurized heavy water reactors, surpassed the 500-day mark, which is one of the longest runs of continuous operation in company history.

Unit 5 has been an absolute all-star for the people of Ontario since its last planned maintenance outage,

said Brian O’Grady, Senior Vice President, Bruce B.

The reliability of the unit has been second-to-none, which is a testament to our employees who work hard to maintain and operate these reactors to such high standards. By providing a reliable source of cost-effective and carbon-free nuclear electricity, the people of Ontario benefit from Unit 5’s long run as well.

Three of Bruce B’s four units have surpassed 500 days of continuous operation since Bruce Power was formed in 2001, O’Grady added. Unit 8 holds the Bruce site record of 580 days of continuous operation.

About Bruce Power

Bruce Power operates one of the world’s largest nuclear sites and is the source of roughly 25 per cent of Ontario’s electricity. The company’s site in Tiverton, Ontario is home to eight CANDU reactors, each one capable of generating enough low-cost, reliable, safe and clean electricity to meet the annual needs of a city the size of Hamilton. Formed in 2001, Bruce Power is an all-Canadian partnership among TransCanada, Borealis Infrastructure Management (a division of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) as well as the Power Workers’ Union and Society of Energy Professionals. A majority of Bruce Power’s employees are also owners in the business.

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