Unit 6 update

Unit 6 returned to service today after a planned maintenance outage. With Unit 6 now providing clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to the province, all eight units on the Bruce site are now in operation for the first time in aboutREAD MORE >

Unit 7 update

Unit 7 was taken off-line for about two hours on March 28 to conduct maintenance on the non-nuclear side of the plant. Unit 7 was returned to service around 7 p.m. the same day.

Unit 8 update

Bruce Power’s Unit 8 was safely synchronized to the electrical power grid on Monday, Feb. 11, successfully completing an eight-day forced outage. The teamwork exhibited in the performance of all necessary work was simply exemplary. Unit 4 continues to advanceREAD MORE >

Unit 8 update

Unit 8 was removed from service on the weekend, as a result of issues encountered with electrical equipment being returned to service. As a result of this, some loss of power occurred, however, back-up power provided support as per design.READ MORE >

Unit 5 update

Unit 5 was safely removed from service on Friday, Jan. 5, for a planned maintenance outage. The outage is planned to run into next month. Currently, Unit 4 is also on a planned maintenance outage, while Units 1-3 and 6-8READ MORE >

Bruce B update

Staff took immediate action on Dec. 12 when a leak was discovered in an underground pipe that supplies back-up conventional diesel fuel to Bruce B. The leak was stopped and all the appropriate notifications were made. Consistent with past practice,READ MORE >