Unit 8 update

Unit 8 was removed from service today so maintenance could be performed on the turbine generator system. It is expected to return to service in early July.

Unit 5 update

During normal operations on Unit 5 at Bruce B on June 21, a small instrument line off a pressurized water system developed a leak and as a result some water used in this system was released inside the plant. TheREAD MORE >

Unit 8 update

TIVERTON, ON – June 21, 2013 – An impressive, $250 million investment in planned maintenance outages at Bruce B in 2013 concluded with the return to service of Unit 8 today. Three back-to-back-to-back outages in the first half of theREAD MORE >

Unit 3 update

Unit 3 returned to service on June 20 following an outage that began on May 24  due to surplus baseload generation in the province. When Unit 8 returns from its planned maintenance outage tomorrow, Bruce Power’s eight units will be poised to provide aboutREAD MORE >

Bruce B update

On June 8, during Unit 8 outage activities, a small amount (about four tablespoons) of water, containing trace amounts of hydrazine, leaked into a floor drain. Hydrazine is a non-radioactive chemical used to reduce corrosion. Investigation has concluded none ofREAD MORE >

Bruce B update

Bruce Power will be testing its boiler steam relief valves at Bruce B today. The tests can last between one minute and half an hour and are expected to be complete by about 6 p.m. Neighbours of the Bruce siteREAD MORE >

Unit 6 update

Unit 6 returned to service today after a planned maintenance outage. With Unit 6 now providing clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to the province, all eight units on the Bruce site are now in operation for the first time in aboutREAD MORE >

Unit 4 update

On April 13, Bruce Power returned Unit 4 to service after a planned maintenance outage. It’s the first time all four units at Bruce A have generated electricity in about two decades. 

Unit 7 update

Unit 7 was taken off-line for about two hours on March 28 to conduct maintenance on the non-nuclear side of the plant. Unit 7 was returned to service around 7 p.m. the same day.

Unit 2 update

Unit 2 returned to service on March 4 after an eight-day, forced maintenance outage. Prior to the outage, Unit 2 experienced an outstanding 129-day continuous run since being returned to service for the first time since 1995. Units 1-3, 5,READ MORE >