The Environment Exhibit at the Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre recently received an infusion of new wildlife from an artist with a personal stake in the Bruce site and surrounding community.

Raised in nearby Southampton, London artist Mykal Wismer spent almost three months sculpting new animals and birds for the exhibit which was badly in need of a facelift. Installed in a windowed area in 1999, the sun had taken its toll on the original models.

“My dad worked on this site for 25 years before he retired,” said Mykal. “I actually had a job here one summer when I was going to art school.”

The new models are representative of the biodiversity that is found on the Bruce Power site. They include a deer, wild turkey, Canada goose, raccoon, loon, fox and others.

Mykal sculpted the creatures from laminated layers of foam and then hand-painted them with painstaking detail to make them seem alive. He was commissioned for the task by Stevens Exhibit Design, the company that is working with Bruce Power to revamp the exhibit hall at the Visitors’ Centre.

The Visitors’ Centre is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and closed on statutory holidays. Plans are in development to extend the hours of operation to include Saturdays in July and August, so stay tuned for more details.