Bruce Power is regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), an organization that is recognized as one of the best nuclear regulators in the world. The CNSC places strict limits on nuclear plants’ radiological emissions. It is designed to protect the people and the environment from manmade radiation that results from the use of nuclear energy and materials.
Just like safety, environmental stewardship is central to Bruce Power’s daily operations. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the standards of environmental performance set by our regulators. We remain committed to preserving the environment by continually assessing the implications our day-to-day actions have on the land, water and air that surround us.
Bruce Power’s Environment & Sustainability department is focused on providing this clean energy to meet current and future electricity needs without compromising quality of life for future generations. We care about people and the planet, while generating carbon-free electricity for over 30% of Ontarians.
For years we have had highly motivated individuals doing various acts of sustainability without really ever giving them a label, but rather just doing them because it was the right thing to do. This internal employee motivation is what led to the formation of – and our commitment to – developing and delivering on a Corporate Sustainability Strategy. With the intention of using the philosophy of ‘Crawl, walk, run…’ the Environment and Sustainability Team, which was formed in 2013, will focus on identifying further opportunities in the area of waste reduction and energy savings.
Read more about our programs in our Sustainability Report.