Bruce Power will invest $85 million over the next few weeks in planned maintenance on Bruce B Unit 6. The 825 megawatt unit was safely shut down Friday night marking the end of an impressive 556-day continuous run for which made it the top-performing pressurized heavy water reactor in the world last year.

Approximately 500 temporary workers will work alongside Bruce Power employees during the investment, maintenance and inspection program which will set the unit up for yet another successful operating cycle.

“Bruce Power’s continued strategic investments are paying off with strong operational performance which benefits all Ontarians,” said Pete Milojevic, Senior Vice President, Bruce B.

Cobalt, used for the sterlization of medical equipment and a byproduct of Bruce B’s four units, will also be removed from the unit during the outage.

“By investing $85 million into these units in 2013, we are setting the table for continued safe, reliable performance so the people of Ontario have continuous access to low-cost electricity at all times,” said Len Clewett, Bruce Power’s Chief Nuclear Officer.

Bruce Power will provide about 25 per cent of the province’s energy this year. The Bruce Power site is a key element to Ontario’s plan to phase out coal in Ontario. A revitalized, eight-unit Bruce site provides 70 per cent of the energy needed to phase out coal in the province.