This is a regular series where we spotlight Bruce Power employees and what they do here at Bruce Power, as well as what they like about living in the area.

Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Jay Patel, and I am an Engineer Trainee at the Bruce site. I was born in India and moved to Canada at a young age. My educational background is Bachelor of Electrical Engineering which I completed in 2017 at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). The reason why I chose Engineering is because it is a profession that is positively challenging, creative and innovative. It allows us to solve problems in the world with innovative solutions.

Earlier, I completed two student development student placements at Bruce Power. My positive experience as a student had upheld my interest in the company, and I landed a job as an Engineer/Engineering Trainee in the Component Design department.

As a person, I am very approachable and outgoing. I enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. My passion in my free time consists of playing cricket, soccer, volleyball, reading books, and travelling.

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What did you enjoy about being a student at Bruce Power?

My time at Bruce Power as a student was a great experience. Not just because of what I was able to learn, but also because of the mentors here at Bruce Power and the support I received during my time here. The people I worked with were very knowledgeable and experienced. Their support allowed me to thrive and make the most out of my learning experience. I loved being able to work with different departments and getting to know more people as this was a great developing opportunity for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the area in which Bruce Power is located at, there are a lot of activities to do in the surrounding communities and it kept me really active.

Why did you choose to return to Bruce Power?

I decided to return to Bruce Power because of the great experience I had during my two student terms. Bruce Power is a reputable employer that promotes diversity and growth and I saw a lot of opportunities for personal development. Not only is Bruce Power a great environment for learning and has an abundance of prospects for professional growth, it is a company that values its employees and gives back to the local community. Bruce Power loves to provide its employees with variety of professional experience and that was one of the major factors in my decision to return to Bruce Power.

It manifests a very professional working culture while making you feel part of the family. I look forward to going to work every day for the values that Bruce Power holds and lives up to.

How are your enjoying your time back at Bruce Power and what are you future career goals?

From the time I returned to Bruce Power, I would say my experience has been great. I am really seizing the learning opportunities I encounter on a daily basis. The work has a steep learning curve and keeps me challenged. As a young Engineer in training, I am getting exposure to different sides of engineering and its role within the organization.

My future goals are to enhance my technical knowledge of various systems in the plant and get exposure to the role of Operations and the projects team in the Major Component Replacement Project.

Tell us what brought you to Bruce Power initially?

I chose Bruce Power because it is a well-known employer and has a valuable role in the energy sector of Canada. It is a place that not only gives back to its community, but also supports environmentally-friendly regulations, ensures the safety of their workers and allows for maximum growth of their employees. It was exactly what I was looking for as an engineering student.