Unit 1 update

Unit 1 was returned to service on Saturday, Dec. 30, after being safely taken offline a day earlier after a month-long outage. Unit 4 remains in a planned maintenance outage, while all Bruce B units are operating at full power.

Unit 1 update

Unit 1 was taken offline Saturday morning, after returning from a month-long outage yesterday. The cause and duration is currently being investigated.

Bruce B update

Staff took immediate action on Dec. 12 when a leak was discovered in an underground pipe that supplies back-up conventional diesel fuel to Bruce B. The leak was stopped and all the appropriate notifications were made. Consistent with past practice,READ MORE >

Unit 1 update

Unit 1 was removed from service for a short-duration, planned maintenance outage on Nov. 28. The unit produced electricity for the first time in 15 years on Sept. 19 after a first-of-a-kind refurbishment project.

Unit 4 update

Unit 4 is currently undergoing a planned outage to carry-out maintenance and inspections on a number of station systems. A number of outage activities include reactor inspection work, and the company has deployed a number of radiological monitoring programs toREAD MORE >