A large, non-nuclear component of a turbine generator will start a slow trip from the Bruce Power site to England on Wednesday.

Motorists are asked to use caution as a transport truck will carry the 173,000 kilogram rotor to Stratford where it will be shipped to the east coast on a rail car. This rotor is similar to the rotating part of a large electric motor and helps convert energy from steam to make electricity.

The rotor, which is a spare, will be refurbished at a facility owned by Siemens in Newcastle, England.

All necessary approvals and permits are in place for the heavy load, which will travel with an OPP escort along Bruce Rd. 20 to Bruce Rd. 1. The truck will then take Hwy. 9 to Walkerton and then on to Stratford to be shipped east. The road portion of the trip is expected to take approximately 11 hours.

Following the rail portion of the trip, the component will then be transferred to a ship bound for England.