Bruce Power continues to work with its suppliers, municipalities and the Counties of Bruce, Grey and Huron to enhance economic development across the region.

The company is developing a range of options for new facilities that will be required to support its ongoing Life-Extension Program and continued operations through 2064.

In addition, through the regional economic development initiative, Bruce Power will support planning activities throughout the region to create new housing and commercial opportunities.

This will continue to benefit the entire region by establishing a regional presence for key suppliers and also by expanding our off-site office, training and storage spaces, setting a foundation for both residential and commercial growth.

“We are gaining significant traction and results from the regional economic development initiative that was launched last September making this a very exciting time for our region,” said Kevin Kelly, Bruce Power’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Finance & Commercial Services. “While we are seeing existing facilities being utilized, there is also going to be a need for new development, including off-site facilities for Bruce Power and our suppliers.”

Bruce Power will be making an application for land redevelopment, which, as part of the planning process, includes public consultations led by the County of Bruce Planning Department.

“We will follow the normal requirements of the development process, which we anticipate will include multiple public meetings and broad engagement of the surrounding areas in the Municipality of Kincardine,” Kelly said.

The zoning changes and options being advanced are related to a parcel of land currently owned by Ontario Peninsula Farms at the north end of Kincardine and another near the Bruce Power facility, including the Bruce Energy Centre, where significant opportunities may exist for new facilities.

Bruce Power will be supporting and, where appropriate, advancing the planning process and will make a final determination later this year as to the best location for these off-site facilities.

“While we are advancing a broad economic development agenda and the planning process related to these options, we will be engaging with residential, commercial and agricultural land owners near these parcels of land to get their input to aid in our decision making,” Kelly said. “We are committed to being good neighbours and these conversations will allow us to move forward in a way that is both transparent and open to public input.”

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