Emergency Management Ontario, which is responsible for public safety in the unlikely event of a nuclear emergency, provides these tips for people who live near a Canadian nuclear facility.

If there’s an incident, people who live or work within 10 km of a nuclear plant should:

  • go inside and turn on your radio, TV or computer
  • listen to media for instructions from the provincial government
  • follow the directions provided by the provincial government

Emergency Bulletins will be issued by Ontario through local radio and television stations, and social media. These bulletins will:

  • identify that a concern exists and where it’s occurring
  • advise on precautionary and protective measures
  • announce when the emergency is over

Normally people are evacuated from an area well before radiation is released into the atmosphere, so radioactive contamination is very unlikely.
If there is a concern, you may be asked to:

  • stay indoors
  • close all windows and doors
  • turn off heating or air conditioning to avoid bringing potentially contaminated air indoors
  • be ready to leave your home if the situation changes

If you’re told to leave your home:

  • close and lock windows and doors
  • follow instructions and routes given by officials
  • bring important documents and identification, sufficient clothing, medication, canned or dried food, water, cash, baby needs, medical equipment, and pets and their food, carriers, leashes and vaccination forms with you.