This is a regular series where we spotlight Bruce Power employees and what they do here at Bruce Power, as well as what they like about living in the area.

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a third-year business student at the University of Windsor concentrating in Human Resources. Although the majority of my time is taken up by school, when I have a spare moment, I love to read or cook or listen to music. I was born and raised in Toronto, moved to Windsor for school, and spent the summer in Kincardine. I’ve realized that I am unintentionally moving to towns that gradually go down in population size!

Tell us about your career and what brought you to Bruce Power?

Apart from how amazing the job sounded, Bruce Power caught my eye when I saw the beautiful area in which it is located. I had never been to Bruce County before, or even anywhere on Lake Huron for that matter, so I was stunned by how pretty it was. I was looking for a summer adventure.

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What do you love about living in the area?

I love the community feel of Kincardine. Everyone is happy and you can tell they love living there. With that being said, it doesn’t feel like a small town; there’s always something to do or somewhere to explore, especially since I was here in the summer. I love the sunsets on the lake or exploring the quaint downtown. Port Elgin and Goderich are just short drives away so I love that I’ve gotten to explore those places as well.

What have you enjoyed most about Bruce Power?

I’ve enjoyed how valued everyone makes you feel. As a co-op/development student, sometimes it’s hard to feel confident in your abilities, especially when you are working with professionals who have been in the industry for many years. At Bruce Power, no one has made me feel unappreciated or undervalued because I was a co-op student. They all understand that I’m here to learn and have all been so willing to teach me as much as they can. They have given me tasks and assigned me to projects that are meaningful learning opportunities, and I have been so grateful for everything I have been able to be a part of while being here.

What do you enjoy most about your job and what are your future career goals?

I love how I get to interact with people all over Bruce Power. I’ve been given the chance to shadow other departments in HR and also meet or interact with people outside of HR. Considering how large of a company Bruce Power is, I feel like I have gotten a chance to interact with people from all over site.

When my undergrad is finished I want to complete my Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. Whether or not I want to go to grad school, I still have some time to figure that out! As to what area in HR I am thinking of pursuing, Total Rewards or Labour Relations is where I could see myself, although I still have lots to learn about other areas of HR as well. If this co-op term has confirmed anything, it is that Human Resources is where I can see myself having a long and happy career.