The Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) continues to misrepresent the facts related to Bruce Power and nuclear refurbishment in an attempt to further its anti-nuclear agenda.

In recent weeks, the OCAA has been distributing false information during the Whitby-Oshawa by-election through various forums trying to drum up support for its anti-nuclear campaign.

If the OCAA is truly an organization interested in clean air and affordable, reliable electricity for Ontario they should support nuclear and the industry’s efforts to extend the life of nuclear units. These units provide 30 per cent of the province’s electricity at 30 per cent below the average price.

This same source of electricity has been responsible for providing over 70% of the additional energy needed to phase-out the use of coal-fired electricity in Ontario. The fact is Ontario’s nuclear fleet is truly one of the strongest alliances when it comes to clean air in the Province.

When Bruce Power and the Independent Electricity System Operator announced an amended agreement in December which will allow the refurbishment of Units 3-8, it was stated clearly that the risk of future refurbishments will be borne by Bruce Power and all funding is provided by the company.

This remains the case yet the Clean Air Alliance continues to muddy the waters on this and other issues.

The good news is that this misinformation is not resonating as people in Ontario and in Whitby-Oshawa recognize the role nuclear plays as part of a balanced supply mix. Bruce Power is pleased to release the results of a public opinion poll carried-out in Whitby-Oshawa last week that indicates 80% of residents support the refurbishment of Ontario’s nuclear fleet.

The results of the poll can be found here.