Bruce Power sent this letter in response to an article that appeared in the Toronto Star and Metro News on April 18.

We would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight on an article that appeared in the Metro News on April 18 that inaccurately portrayed the cost of nuclear power.

While the report that was cited and commissioned by the Independent Electricity System Operator was accurate, the conclusions drawn by Metro News need to be corrected with further information from the report.

The article cites that nuclear energy contributed to 42 per cent of the global adjustment costs on electricity bills last year and suggests this makes nuclear generation costly to ratepayers– this is not the full story. While the global adjustment cost can be a complicated item to explain in relation to our energy system, this inaccurate conclusion related to nuclear can be easily explained.

Nuclear generation produced 56 per cent of Ontario’s electricity last year. Straightforward math would conclude if nuclear accounted for only 42 per cent of these global adjustment charges, but produced 56 per cent of the output, then the opposite is true – nuclear is a low-cost generator. The facts support this.

Nuclear power is the backbone of our electricity system and provides Ontario with a reliable source of affordable, clean power. One out of two homes, schools, businesses and hospitals  is powered by nuclear each and every day.

It’s also important to remind people that Ontario is in the final stages of phasing-out coal generation in the province and Bruce Power nuclear is a major contributor to this climate change initiative. With more electricity from Bruce Power nuclear over the last decade, coal generation has been down dramatically. For more information on this visit

James Scongack
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Bruce Power