Bruce Power continued to produce over a quarter of Ontario’s power this week during some of the most extreme cold weather to hit the province in recent history and on the week the Ontario government announced the province’s largest coal plant at Nanticoke is now out of service.

The site continues to provide a reliable supply of electricity 24-7 providing about a quarter of the province’s electricity so families and businesses have a reliable supply of electricity to meet their needs under these severe weather conditions,

said Bruce Power President and CEO Duncan Hawthorne.

We are providing this reliability with coal generation being phased out in Ontario and the system continues to operate reliably with cleaner sources of electricity such as Bruce Power nuclear and that’s good news.

The return of 3,000 megawatts of Bruce Power nuclear over the past decade has played a major role in improving Ontario’s air quality. With the revitalization of the Bruce site since 2001, Bruce Power has generated 70 per cent of the electricity needed to shut down all of Ontario’s coal plants, Hawthorne said.

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