Bruce Power supplied approximately 8.42 terawatt hours (TWh)* of electricity to the Ontario grid last quarter while continuing an impressive industrial safety streak of more than two years.

Bruce Power employees have surpassed 16 million hours without an acute lost-time injury, with the last such injury dating back to February 2007.

Electricity production in the quarter was down slightly from the 9.6 TWh supplied during the same period last year with Bruce A contributing 2.25 TWh and Bruce B supplying 6.17 TWh over the last three months compared to 2.79 TWh and 6.81 respectively during the same period last year. The lower production is due in part to the Vacuum Building Outage at Bruce which has seen both operating units at Bruce A shut down since early September. Year-to-date, production is up slightly with a total output of 26.71 TWh compared to 26.24 in 2008.

The Bruce A units ran at 69.7 per cent capacity in the quarter while the Bruce B units operated at 86.4 per cent capacity.  Reliability has been strong year-to-date with capacity factors of 88.9 per cent at Bruce A and 85.9 per cent at Bruce B. This is compared to 88.9 per cent at Bruce A over the same period last year and 82.4 per cent at Bruce B.

To the end of September, roughly $3.1 billion had been invested in the restart of Bruce A Units 1 and 2, which is among the largest infrastructure projects in Canada with a workforce that peaked at more than 2,300. Collectively, they are safely performing more than 145,000 activities, including first-of-a-kind work like replacing 16 massive steam generators and all of the reactors’ internal components.

*A terawatt-hour is a unit of electrical power equal to one million megawatt-hours. For context, a single megawatt-hour is enough electricity to power 10,000 average light bulbs for an hour.

About Bruce Power
Bruce Power is a partnership among Cameco Corporation, TransCanada Corporation, BPC Generation Infrastructure Trust, a trust established by the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, the Power Workers’ Union and The Society of Energy Professionals.

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