Bruce Power removed Unit 2 from service on Thursday, March 31, to begin a planned maintenance outage on the unit.

“The Unit 2 outage is the beginning of an extensive investment program at Bruce A in 2016, as we will begin a concurrent planned outage in Unit 3 on May 1, before undertaking a Station Containment Outage (SCO) on May 6,” said Len Clewett, Bruce Power’s Chief Nuclear Officer.

The SCO, which fulfils the mandate of our independent regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, will ensure Bruce A’s layers of safety systems are working to the highest standards. All four Bruce A units will be removed from service during the SCO.

“Bruce Power’s asset management plan will see us invest billions of private dollars into these publicly owned reactors over the next decade,” Clewett said. “Although it will be challenging, we have had success completing these tasks in the past and continue to improve our performance with each planned maintenance outage.”

Unit 8 is currently undergoing its own planned maintenance outage, which began in mid-January. It is expected to return to service in the second quarter of 2016.