Unit 4 is currently undergoing a planned outage to carry-out maintenance and inspections on a number of station systems.

A number of outage activities include reactor inspection work, and the company has deployed a number of radiological monitoring programs to protect worker health and safety during the execution of this work. These monitoring programs are designed to ensure worker activities are carried out in a safe manner with radiological levels kept below regulatory limits and better than Bruce Power targets, which the company sets at an even lower level than our regulator requires.

As these activities occur, personnel are dedicated to monitor this work in parallel with those who are executing the work. When carrying out inspection activities, established monitoring systems detected higher than planned levels for one activity. Each activity is planned with specific limits to ensure radiological levels remain below regulatory and internal targets.

As a precautionary measure, given the initial results of this monitoring, the company stopped some work on Friday to allow for additional testing. The results confirmed it was safe to proceed and work is now back underway.

No regulatory or internal limits were exceeded.