In the unlikely event of a loss of all power, our plant’s Emergency Power Supply (EPS) would power nuclear safety-related systems needed to control, cool and contain the fuel. The EPS is seismically and environmentally qualified and has sufficient fuel stores to operate unaided for a seven-day period. Additional fuel is kept on site as a further backup and we could secure more fuel from off site if necessary.

The EPS is similar to other standby generators but is remotely located from them to reduce chances of it being disabled by the same incident.

Cables and control equipment involved in switching the EPS into service are routed through areas that are considered to be at lowest risk of damage. In the even more unlikely event that EPS systems also become unavailable and all power is lost, our reactors would safely shut down and stabilize using CANDU’s convection cooling system design. Then, all units would be placed in guaranteed shutdown state until power was restored.