Today, Ontario’s Ministry of Energy unveiled its Long-Term Energy Plan and reconfirmed its long-term electricity supply policy that will see Bruce Power, and nuclear, play an important role in the province’s energy sector for decades.

Over the past year, many Members of Provincial Parliament have expressed their support for Bruce Power and nuclear as part of Ontario’s electricity supply due to the low cost, reliability and cleanliness of the energy source. This video outlines their support:

Here’s what others are saying about the plan:

“BWXT is confident that Bruce Power will continue to uphold its commitment to provide clean, low-cost and reliable power for Ontarians through operational excellence and the Life-Extension Program. Bruce Power’s role in Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan is a critical one and we are proud to be a supplier to the world’s largest operating nuclear facility that provides over 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity.”
– John MacQuarrie, President, BWXT Canada

“The refurbishment work at Darlington has been largely responsible for doubling our workforce at our new Oakville plant to 95 highly skilled jobs over the past two years. Refurbishment of Units 3-8 at Bruce Power will guarantee these jobs and more out to 2030. This leadership by the Ontario government in our home market is putting CANDU technology back on the map internationally, allowing companies like Laker to buck the trend and export highly finished goods to countries like South Korea and China. These international customers have taken note of what is happening here in Ontario. New reactor sales are now on the table creating billions of dollars in export potential for the industry.”
– Chris Hughes, President & CEO, Laker Energy Products Ltd.

“As an original equipment manufacturer of CANDU nuclear technology, SNC-Lavalin is proud that it routinely contributes more than 60 per cent of Ontario’s energy – free of carbon emissions – each and every day. We are pleased to see the Ontario government’s continued commitment to nuclear in the LTEP.”
– Preston Swafford, Chief Nuclear Officer & EVP, Nuclear, SNC-Lavalin

“Securing the role of the Bruce site in the Long-Term Energy Plan helps pave the way for providing families and businesses from across the province with stable electricity prices, while also securing substantial long-term investments, community benefits, and careers in the trades.”
– Patrick Dillon, Business Manager of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

“This is good news for Ontario’s electricity consumers and our provincial economy. Bruce Power and OPG nuclear stations will continue to provide huge amounts of reliable, affordable, low-carbon electricity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means each and every day, for decades to come, thousands of metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions will be avoided. It also means tens of thousands of good, highly skilled jobs, right here in Ontario.”
– Mel Hyatt, President of the Power Workers’ Union

“Bruce Power is committed to providing Nordion with a reliable, long-term supply of industrial and medical-grade Cobalt-60 for the next half century. This partnership not only provides meaningful solutions to ensure the safety of health care, we believe it is also makes a valuable contribution to Ontario’s economy. The LTEP’s commitment to life-extension work at Bruce Power ensures the long-term availability of Cobalt-60, which will help the province remain at the forefront of technological innovation that meets the needs of the modern health care system, while securing the future of many well-paying, high-tech jobs in Ontario.”
– Kevin Brooks, President, Nordion Inc.

“Bruce County is proud to be home to Bruce Power and I’m encouraged that its role is being recognized as a key component in Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan. This helps secure jobs, reliable and affordable electricity, and a baseload source of clean electricity for businesses and families in Bruce County and across Ontario.”
– Mitch Twolan, Warden, Bruce County

“This means Bruce Power will continue to do what it does best – provide low-cost electricity for our economy, employment for thousands of skilled workers and investment, supporting communities and business throughout Ontario. This is good news for Ontario’s economy and we look forward to Bruce Power continuing to play an important role in creating jobs and investing in modern electricity infrastructure.”
– Alan Barfoot, Warden, Grey County

“The Bruce Power site is the largest single source of low-cost, reliable nuclear in the province and this commitment to the long term future of the site is great news for Ontario businesses and ratepayers. I look forward to continued growth and investment on the Bruce Power site.”
– Jim Ginn, Warden, Huron County

“We were pleased to see Bruce Power’s role confirmed in the updated Long-Term Energy plan for Ontario. This is good news for the skilled tradespeople of Ontario and will secure trades work on the Bruce Power site for decades, spanning two generations of workers.”
– Jim Hogarth, Ontario Pipe Trades Council

“Our members are pleased that Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan shows a continued commitment to both nuclear and renewable energy projects because they provide reliable, near-endless sources of clean, low-cost electricity for families and businesses, as well as long-term employment for Operating Engineers. The plan is good news, as it ensures the province will be able to generate the affordable power it needs for current and future demand while reducing greenhouse gases and protecting the health of Ontarians.”
– Mike Gallagher, Business Manager, Local 793 of the International Union of Operating Engineers

“This plan is a positive blueprint for Ontario’s energy sector and, by confirming Bruce Power’s role, along with the rest of our nuclear fleet, it will ensure the province will continue to have a modern, clean electricity system that will create and sustain jobs and generate significant economic benefits across Ontario.”
– Scott Travers, President, The Society of Energy Professionals

“Hatch was proud to be a contributor during the LTEP consultation to help the Ontario government frame their energy policy to address the need for clean, affordable and reliable energy for the citizens of Ontario. There is no doubt nuclear is an important piece of this puzzle.”
– Jim Sarvinis, Managing Director, Power, Hatch

“The provincial government’s LTEP announcement today shows the commitment to nuclear power, which in turn supports thousands of highly skilled jobs for tradespeople across Ontario and their local economies. The continued support of nuclear refurbishment means steady work on the Bruce Power site for decades to come and the Sheet Metal Workers and Roofers are proud to be part of that project.”
– Mark Hall, Sheet Metal Workers Local 473

“The Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO) has always supported a long-term approach to electricity planning, which draws on the strengths and attributes of diverse generation technologies, and welcomes the government’s continued commitment to nuclear power. Nuclear power provides more than 50 per cent of Ontario’s electricity, and is a clean and reliable source of energy, which also supports thousands of skilled jobs. Nuclear energy played a critical role in eliminating Ontario’s coal-fired plants, virtually eliminating smog, and significantly reducing our carbon footprint.”
– David Butters, President and CEO, APPrO

“Promation firmly endorses the critical role nuclear power plays in Ontario’s LTEP, as the principle provider of the only established, robust, low-carbon, baseload energy solution for Ontario. This commitment to the LTEP – and, in turn, the associated large scale refurbishments at OPG and Bruce Power – ensures the province not only maintains, but increases, the development of a highly skilled, well-paid trade workforce. As a result, we firmly believe this development and critical-mass mobilization of skilled human talent following the refurbishments, has a direct contributing role in achieving Ontario’s broader mandate to restore the prominence, relevance and competitiveness of our manufacturing base, and once again establishes Ontario’s position as a destination-of-choice for global business investment and an unprecedented exporter of manufactured goods.”
– Darryl Spector, Vice President and General Manager, Promation Nuclear

“Kinectrics firmly believes that nuclear energy has a definite and important role to play in Ontario’s LTEP. Nuclear energy is the backbone of our generation infrastructure in Ontario, and it delivers relatively cheap and clean power, thereby spearheading Ontario’s efforts in meeting long-term reduced emissions, as well as providing tens of thousands of high-quality jobs, contributing heavily into the economy.”
– David Harris, CEO, Kinectrics

“Asthma Canada believes nuclear power is an important part of a clean-air energy mix which includes wind, solar and hydro, and is critical for meeting the energy and air quality needs of people with asthma and respiratory issues in this province. We applaud the LTEP’s commitment to clean-air energy to help slow climate change, and believe it is beneficial to the health and wellness of the people of Ontario. Asthma Canada is proud to partner with Bruce Power to support a clean-air energy mix for the province, helping all Ontarians breathe easy.”
– Vanessa Foran, President and CEO, Asthma Canada

“We are very pleased that the Long-Term Energy Plan reconfirms the Ontario government’s decision to invest in a secure, clean and affordable electricity system through refurbishment and major component replacement of four Darlington units and six Bruce units, as well as extension of the operation of Pickering nuclear units to 2024. These projects will create and sustain highly skilled jobs in many small- and medium-sized enterprises that contribute to local economic development in cities and towns across Ontario, from Cambridge, Niagara, Burlington and Oakville in the west to Durham, Peterborough, Cobourg and Arnprior in the east.”
Ron Oberth, President & CEO, Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries

“The ongoing commitment to the life-extension plans for Bruce Power outlined in the LTEP is very welcome news. The $13 billion investment program will be a significant boost to Ontario and will allow Bruce Power to continue providing affordable, reliable electricity, which is a key priority to the manufacturing sector.”
– Ian Howcroft- Senior Vice President & Legal Counsel, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

“NA Engineering Associates applauds Ontario’s commitment to the cost-effective refurbishment of existing nuclear assets at Bruce and Darlington, and the continued operations of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station as outlined in today’s revised Long-Term Energy Plan. From our established Kincardine office minutes from the Bruce Power site to our recently opened office next door to OPG in Pickering, we are confident that our investments – together with the province’s commitment to nuclear – will positively impact our communities and the families and businesses within them for decades to come. NA Engineering Associates is excited to help Bruce Power and OPG empower Ontario with a low-cost source of clean energy!”
– Nick Aroutzidis, CEO & President, NA Engineering Associates Inc.

“We are excited that the Ontario government’s LTEP will provide steady employment to the many innovative Canadian companies with their plants and employees right here in Ontario and Canada.”
Rolf Eberl, President, SED Inc.

“With the announcement of the Long-Term Energy Plan today, we are enthusiastic about the future of the nuclear industry in Ontario. Support of the LTEP will create stable employment opportunities for many communities throughout the Province of Ontario for decades to come. A commitment to refurbishing Ontario’s nuclear fleet is a commitment to all Ontarians to provide safe, reliable, clean and low-cost energy. The Carpenters Union is proud to be a part of the refurbishment of Ontario’s nuclear fleet.”
– Ryan Plante, Carpenters Union, Local 2222

“The release of the LTEP signifies an important step toward rebuilding Bruce Power’s remaining reactors. Hamilton Ironworkers Local Union 736 is looking forward to working closely with Bruce Power for many years to come to help achieve this goal.”
– Scott Hyndman, Ironworker Business Agent, Local 736 Hamilton

“ES Fox Limited employs Ontarians in Bruce County, Pickering, Darlington and the Niagara Region, who will be working for many years to come as a result of the modernization and asset management of Ontario’s nuclear fleet, and we are very proud to be a part of such an important undertaking for the province.”
– Terry Armstrong, Vice President Nuclear, E. S. Fox Limited

“The Ontario Chamber of Commerce believes continued investment in nuclear generation assets as supported in the Long-Term Energy Plan will result in a constructive outcome for Ontario’s economy. Low-cost electricity from Bruce Power – which generates 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity at 30 per cent less than the average cost to generate residential power – and other nuclear generators will help Ontario’s businesses compete in a global market. The LTEP’s commitment ensures that nuclear power will continue to be one of the most affordable sources of energy, which helps keep the price of power down in Ontario for our members and their families”
– Richard Koroscil, Interim CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce


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