Workers from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) removed the last of 480 pressure tubes from the Unit 1 reactor today, marking another milestone in the Bruce A Restart project.

This complex, first-of-a-kind work, completed using remote-controlled tooling, was finished in just two-thirds of the time it took to do the job in Unit 2.

“We are pleased with the progress being made on Unit 1,” said Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power’s President and CEO. “Compared to our experience with Unit 2, we’re seeing marked improvements.”

With pressure tube removal complete, work is underway to set up equipment and tools that will release the inserts that fasten the ends of the calandria tubes to the reactor. Once the inserts are removed, the AECL team can begin the final stage of the disassembly work, calandria tube removal.

In Unit 2, all the old components have been removed from the reactor and preparations are underway to begin installing new calandria and pressure tubes.

About Bruce A

The Bruce A Limited Partnership is a partnership among TransCanada Corporation, BPC Generation Infrastructure Trust, the Power Workers’ Union and The Society of Energy Professionals. Restarting Units 1 and 2 represents enough new electricity for more than a million homes.

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