Bruce Power inspection update

On Sept. 3, Bruce Power appeared before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to provide an update on its pressure tube fitness for service. Please find a link to the CNSC website and posted documents including Bruce Power’s presentation.

As outlined in the presentation to the Commission, pressure tube integrity is based on a number of factors and Bruce Power continues to demonstrate our commitment to safety and the integrity of our pressure tubes through comprehensive inspections and layers of safety.  The operating units at Bruce Power have all undergone recent inspections since 2019 confirming safety, integrity and compliance with our operating licence. This builds on a large number of inspections in prior campaigns and comprehensive and rigorous industry testing.

At Bruce Power our Safety First value drives every decision we make and every activity we do and we understand how important that commitment is to our community. Bruce Power has proactively shared information on our fuel channel integrity with community leaders, including Indigenous communities, along with members of the general public, CNSC and our industry. Here is a link to a video which explains the steps we take to inspect the fuel channels and confirm safety and integrity.

We will continue to provide information to the CNSC on these activities and demonstrate safety and pressure tube integrity in our units and materials and updates will continue to be posted on our Bruce Power website here: Fuel Channel Integrity – Bruce Power.