Reportable Events

On a quarterly basis, Bruce Power posts events reported to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission as per REGDOC 3.1.1, ‘Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants’ (formerly known as S-99 events).

For more information on the event reports listed, event reports from prior years or. other reports on Bruce Power operations, contact John Peevers at 519-361-6583.

Date ReportedStationReport #Title
Jan 3, 2023BB-2023-224948Prior Notification of Change to the Facility Operation not Provided
Jan 3, 2023BB-2023-230481Station Shift Complement
Jan 5, 2023BB-2023-230657Bruce B Water Demineralization Plant Total Suspended Solids Limits Exceeded
Jan 11, 2023AB-2023-231756Missed Safety System Tests
Jan 13, 2023BB-2023-232336Bruce B Water Demineralization Plant Iron and Aluminum Limit Exceeded
Jan 16, 2023AB-2023-234119Relief Valve Testing not Completed
Jan 23, 2023BB-2023-234849Impairment of Negative Pressure Containment
Jan 26, 2023AB-2023-236147Gamma Survey Meter Past Calibration
Feb 15, 2023ABB-2023-238163Predefined Maintenance not Completed
Feb 16, 2023AB-2023-241249Unit 0 Standby Safety-Related System Impairment
Feb 21, 2023BB-2023-242458Unit 8 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Mar 2, 2023ABCSB-2023-247463Potential Labour Disruption on Bruce Site
Mar 6, 2023BB-2023-246135Bulk Waste Material Shipment
Mar 9, 2023BB-2023-244302Partial Safety System Test not credited correctly
Mar 9, 2023CSB-2023-247945Controlled Nuclear Information Exported without a Licence
Mar 15, 2023CSB-2023-249789Leak Testing for Radiological Sealed Sources and Devices Delayed
Apr 4, 2023AB-2023-255099Unit 4 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Apr 6, 2023BB-2023-253241Unit 5 Shut-off Rods Partial Drop During Maintenance
Apr 6, 2023AB-2023-257066Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Apr 18, 2023AB-2023-258704Below Minimum Complement
Apr 20, 2023AB-2023-245366Preventive Maintenance Inspection Overdue
Apr 27, 2023CSB-2023-261470Ministry of Labour Industrial Event Notice
Apr 27, 2023AB-2023-262108Ministry of Labour Construction Event Notice
May 3, 2023AB-2023-263308Leak in Heat Transport Purification System
May 8, 2023ABCSB-2023-265697Security Protected
May 12, 2023CSB-2023-266447Late Detailed Report
May 15, 2023AB-2023-266395Unit 2 Unplanned Reactor Shutdown
May 18, 2023ABB-2023-269219Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
May 19, 2023AB-2023-267905Unposted Radiological Hazard
May 23, 2023CSB-2023-266225Vehicle Monitor Not Calibrated
May 25, 2023AB-2023-263502Radiation Protection Action Level Exceeded
Jun 8, 2023AB-2023-272829Unposted Radiological Hazard
Jun 9, 2023CSBB-2023-274481Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
Jun 14, 2023BB-2023-275573Late Submission of Preliminary Report
Jun 19, 2023AB-2023-276167Impairment of Negative Pressure Containment
Jun 19, 2023BB-2023-276656Safeguard Equipment Damaged
Jun 21, 2023AB-2023-277145Below Minimum Complement
Jun 22, 2023BB-2023-278373Ministry of Labour Construction Event Notice
Jun 22, 2023AB-2023-277091Unposted Radiological Hazard
Jun 29, 2023BB-2023-252847Unit 8 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Jun 30, 2023AB-2023-277942Potential Interruption of Safeguards Equipment
Jun 30, 2023AB-2023-280142Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Jul 4, 2023BB-2023-280558Late Preliminary Report
Jul 11, 2023AB-2023-282301Potential Interruption of Safeguards Equipment
Jul 11, 2023AB-2023-282039Unit 4 Unplanned Reactor Shutdown and Unit 0 Electrical Transient
Jul 11, 2023AB-2023-286325Unit 3 Public Address Speaker Found with Foreign Material Inserted
Jul 28, 2023CSB-2023-286664Emergency Protective Services Below Minimum Shift Complement
Jul 28, 2023AB-2023-286721Transportation Package Damaged During Transit
Aug 8, 2023BB-2023-288344Moderator Purification Circuit Motorized Containment Boundary Valve Impairment
Aug 8, 2023CSB-2023-281478Controlled Nuclear Information Exported without a Licence
Aug 23, 2023AB-2023-291306-1Ministry of Labour Construction Event Notice
Aug 25, 2023AB-2023-291306Small Fire in Unit 3 Vault
Aug 28, 2023AB-2023-293501Unit 3 Small Fire from Grinding Spark
Aug 28, 2023AB-2023-293421Unit 3 Grinder Caught Fire
Aug 30, 2023BB-2023-294162Missed Safety System Test
Sep 5, 2023AB-2023-294828Small Fire on Unit 0 Instrument Air Compressor
Sep 12, 2023BB-2023-297455Unit 8 Forced Outage
Sep 14, 2023AB-2023-297852Unit 1 Turbine Trip and Unplanned Shutdown
Sep 18, 2023AB-2023-294531Below Minimum Complement
Sep 18, 2023AB-2023-300102Late Preliminary Report – Below Minimum Complement
Sep 26, 2023BB-2023-301453Overdue Safety System Test
Sep 28, 2023AB-2023-301067Maintenance for Fire Foam Protection not Completed
Oct 3, 2023AB-2023-305337Late Preliminary Report – Overdue Fire Foam Maintenance
Oct 5, 2023AB-2023-303714Ministry of Labour Event
Oct 13, 2023AB-2023-306229Below Minimum Shift Complement – Operations
Oct 26, 2023BB-2023-310256Unposted Radiological Hazard
Oct 27, 2023AB-2023-310622Unit 0 Chlorinated Water Release
Nov 1, 2023BB-2023-312088Unit 6 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Nov 2, 2023AB-2023-312854Worker Injured
Nov 13, 2023BB-2023-315355Ministry of Labour Event
Nov 13, 2023BB-2023-315943Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Nov 17, 2023AB-2023-316823Unposted Radiological Hazard
Nov 17, 2023AB-2023-317848Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
Nov 22, 2023AB-2023-317296Controlled Nuclear Information Exported Without a Licence
Nov 24, 2023AB-2023-317468Below Minimum Complement
Nov 27, 2023AB-2023-319298Impairment of Shutdown Systems 1 and 2
Nov 27, 2023BB-2023-314950Potential Seismic Interaction
Dec 1, 2023BB-2023-321025Impairment of Emergency Water System
Dec 8, 2023AB-2023-323497Unposted Radiological Hazard
Dec 11, 2023BB-2023-320465Overdue Containment Monitoring Calibrations
Dec 11, 2023AB-2023-324321Unposted Radiological Hazard
Dec 22, 2023ABCSB-2023-325446Undocumented Backup Public Address System

Date ReportedStationReport #Title
Jan 14, 2022BB-2022-140500Unit 7 Public Address Speaker Found With Foreign Material Inserted
Jan 20, 2022BB-2022-142876Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Jan 25, 2022BB-2022-143179Unposted Hazard at the Unit 5 Pump Stool Collection Tank
Jan 26, 2022AB-2022-143320Unit 1 Unplanned Shutdown
Jan 27, 2022BB-2022-143779Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Jan 28, 2022AB-2022-141657Unposted Radiological Hazards
Jan 31, 2022ABCSB-2022-146185COVID-19 Response Update
Jan 31, 2022ABCSB-2022-146190COVID-19 Response Update
Jan 31, 2022ABCSB-2022-146195COVID-19 Response Update
Jan 31, 2022ABCSB-2022-146735COVID-19 Response Update
Feb 7, 2022ABCSB-2022-148639COVID-19 Response Update
Feb 14, 2022ABCSB-2022-151046COVID-19 Response Update
Feb 18, 2022AB-2022-150237Environmental Action Level Exceeded
Feb 22, 2022ABCSB-2022-152955COVID-19 Response Update
Mar 1, 2022ABCSB-2022-154788COVID-19 Response Update
Mar 1, 2022AB-2022-152785Unposted Radiological Hazard
Mar 7, 2022AB-2022-154439Unposted Radiological Hazard
Mar 7, 2022ABCSB-2022-155706COVID-19 Response Update
Mar 11, 2022BB-2022-156474Unposted Radiological Hazard
Mar 14, 2022ABCSB-2022-155710COVID-19 Response Update
Mar 14, 2022CSB-2022-156821Notification of a Change to a Responsible Person not Provided
Mar 15, 2022AB-2022-157318Unit 3 Turbine Trip
Mar 22, 2022ABCSB-2022-160433COVID-19 Response Update
Mar 29, 2022BB-2022-160953Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Mar 29, 2022ABCSB-2022-162104COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 4, 2022ABCSB-2022-163822COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 12, 2022ABCSB-2022-165731COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 13, 2022AB-2022-163092Worker Injured
Apr 19, 2022AB-2022-166800Ministry of Labour Order – April 13, 2022
Apr 20, 2022ABCSB-2022-167355COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 21, 2022BB-2022-165910Periodic Inspection not Completed
Apr 22, 2022BB-2022-165356Shipment Received without Proper Designation and Classification
Apr 22, 2022AB-2022-166775Late Notification of Injury
May 3, 2022BB-2022-169650Ministry of Labour Construction Event Notice – April 27, 2022
May 4, 2022BB-2022-170162Unposted Radiological Hazard
May 5, 2022AB-2022-168021Preventive Maintenance not Completed
May 5, 2022BB-2022-170251Unit 5 Transient due to Turbine Issues
May 10, 2022BB-2022-171273Fire Extinguisher Used on Smouldering Fire Blanket in Unit 6
May 16, 2022AB-2022-171581Radiation Protection Instruments Used when Past Calibration Date
May 17, 2022AB-2022-172136Ministry of Labour Event Notice – May 9, 2022
Jun 1, 2022AB-2022-176886Unit 1 Turbine Trip
Jun 2, 2022ABB-2022-177947Labour Disruption
Jun 20, 2022AB-2022-179923Environmental Release
Jun 28, 2022AB-2022-182844Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Jun 29, 2022AB-2022-183382Contamination Meter used Past Calibration Date
Jul 4, 2022AB-2022-182751Ministry of Labour Event Notice and Order
Jul 11, 2022BB-2022-185957Ministry of Labour Orders
Jul 14, 2022CSB-2022-186524Impairment of Remote Radiation Monitoring System
Jul 18, 2022CSB-2022-186941Portable Radiation Instrument Calibration Source Import
Jul 22, 2022BB-2022-188711Ministry of Labour Event Notice – July 19, 2022
Jul 25, 2022ABCSB-2022-189073Labour Disruption
Aug 3, 2022BB-2022-189924End Fitting Forging Material Suspect Material Properties Reported by a Vendor
Aug 12, 2022BB-2022-187726Feeder Visual Inspection not Fully Completed during Prescribed Window
Aug 18, 2022AB-2022-193131Below Minimum Shift Complement
Aug 24, 2022AB-2022-194316Environmental Release
Sep 13, 2022BB-2022-199605Unit 6 Bulkheads Alternate Containment Boundary Past Configuration Issue
Sep 14, 2022CSB-2022-199223Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Sep 15, 2022AB-2022-200587Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Sep 19, 2022AB-2022-199228Unit 3 Vault Vapour Recovery Unplanned Configuration
Sep 20, 2022BB-2022-199619Auxiliary Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Impairment in the East and West PRV Manifolds
Sep 23, 2022BB-2022-202519Below Minimum Shift Complement
Sep 29, 2022AB-2022-204873Impairment of Emergency Coolant Injection System
Oct 7, 2022AB-2022-206662Injury – Bruce A
Oct 13, 2022AB-2022-207841Worker Medical Emergency and Injury
Oct 20, 2022AB-2022-211782Ministry of Labour Orders – October 13, 2022
Oct 24, 2022AB-2022-210979Radiation Measuring Instrumentation Found out of Calibration
Oct 26, 2022BB-2022-212305Periodic Inspection not Completed
Oct 28, 2022BB-2022-212249Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Event Report
Oct 28, 2022BB-2022-212094Environmental Release
Oct 31, 2022AB-2022-211892Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Nov 7, 2022AB-2022-214467Unposted Radiological Hazard
Nov 11, 2022BB-2022-215529Worker Injured
Nov 14, 2022AB-2022-202085Impairment of Negative Pressure Containment
Nov 14, 2022CSB-2022-216369Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Nov 15, 2022CSB-2022-217125Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Nov 17, 2022AB-2022-217958Late Reporting of Impairment of Negative Pressure Containment
Nov 21, 2022AB-2022-218181Standby Class III Power Unavailable Due to Isolation
Nov 24, 2022AB-2022-219421Bruce A Unit 0 Effluent Sample out of Specification
Nov 24, 2022AB-2022-219782Bruce A Unit 4 Effluent Sample out of Specification
Dec 7, 2022AB-2022-224307Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Dec 14, 2022AB-2022-226768Unit 4 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Dec 21, 2022AB-2022-229537Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Dec 22, 2022AB-2022-226677Unit 3 Shutdown System 1 Post Shutdown Spurious Trip during Lead in to F2233
Dec 23, 2022AB-2022-230383Late Reporting of SDS1 Actuation

Date ReportedStationReport #Title
Jan 6, 2021BB-2021-50492Unit 8 Forced Outage
Jan 7, 2021BB-2021-49813COVID-19 Response Update
Jan 8, 2021BB-2021-50655Below Minimum Complement
Jan 13, 2021BB-2021-51923COVID-19 Response Update
Jan 13, 2021AB-2021-40701Heat Transport Header Pressure Transmitter Calibration Missed
Jan 14, 2021CSB-2021-52667Late Detailed Report
Jan 21, 2021BB-2021-53751COVID-19 Response Update
Jan 21, 2021BB-2021-53735Radioactive Material Shipment Received with Incorrect Record
Jan 22, 2021AB-2021-36972Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
Jan 26, 2021AB-2021-54778Shift Complement Qualification Expired
Jan 28, 2021CSB-2021-55684Late Notification for Transportation Event
Feb 2, 2021AB-2021-56171Unposted Hazard in Fuel Handling Radioactive Material Storage Area
Feb 2, 2021BB-2021-57705COVID-19 Response Update
Feb 3, 2021CSB-2021-57484Delay in Implementation of New Requirement of Radiation Protection Regulations
Feb 4, 2021AB-2021-58453Relief Valve Testing not Completed
Feb 9, 2021BB-2021-59472Fire Extinguished in Unit 6
Feb 9, 2021AB-2021-59987Whole Body Monitor Damaged
Feb 10, 2021AB-2021-59562Potential Unplanned Radiological Uptake
Feb 11, 2021AB-2021-60364COVID-19 Response Update
Feb 17, 2021AB-2021-62735COVID-19 Response Update
Feb 24, 2021AB-2021-64733COVID-19 Response Update
Mar 3, 2021AB-2021-66138Safety System Test not Deferred
Mar 8, 2021AB-2021-48790Past Impairment of the Emergency Boiler Cooling System
Mar 8, 2021AB-2021-68848Late Reporting Emergency Boiler Cooling Unavailability
Mar 15, 2021ABB-2021-68440Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Results
Mar 22, 2021BB-2021-71315Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Event Report
Mar 30, 2021BB-2021-73228Environmental Release
Apr 6, 2021AB-2021-74212Unit 1 Turbine Trip
Apr 7, 2021AB-2021-75183Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Apr 9, 2021BB-2021-69550Fire Protection Preventive Maintenance Missed
Apr 9, 2021BB-2021-75817Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Event Report
Apr 13, 2021AB-2021-69568Unit 2 Vault Vapour Recovery Damper Degraded
Apr 13, 2021AB-2021-75964Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Apr 15, 2021BB-2021-76924Notification of Change to the Facility Operation not Provided
Apr 20, 2021BB-2021-77173Ministry of Labour Industrial Event Notice
Apr 21, 2021AB-2021-79259COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 26, 2021CSB-2021-79623Impairment of Remote Radiation Monitoring System
Apr 28, 2021BB-2021-80650Bruce B Switchyard Fire
Apr 28, 2021BB-2021-80404Unit 5 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
May 4, 2021AB-2021-82107Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
May 6, 2021AB-2021-83486Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
May 20, 2021BB-2021-81413Powered Air Purification Respirator Flow Switch Misuse
May 20, 2021ABB-2021-86461Controlled Nuclear Information Sent Outside Bruce Power Local Area Network
May 26, 2021BB-2021-87494Unit 8 Emergency Water System Briefly Unavailable During Testing
May 27, 2021BB-2021-88779COVID-19 Response Update
Jun 1, 2021AB-2021-85217Standby Class III Power Unavailable during Testing
Jun 2, 2021AB-2021-89020COVID-19 Response Update
Jun 10, 2021AB-2021-78857Potential Impact of Legacy Valve Configuration on Shutdown System 1 Performance
Jun 24, 2021AB-2021-95811Confirmatory Sample Result Below Derived Activity Limit
Jun 25, 2021BB-2021-55406Emergency Coolant Injection System Impairment
Jun 30, 2021AB-2021-93819A2131 outage scrape campaign hydrogen equivalent concentration measurements
Jul 5, 2021BB-2021-98077Pressure Tube Surveillance Hydrogen Equivalent Concentration Measurements on Unit Shutdown for MCR
Jul 6, 2021AB-2021-97037Controlled Nuclear Information Exported without a Licence
Jul 7, 2021CSB-2021-97259Below Minimum Shift Complement
Jul 15, 2021ABCSB-2021-93701Pressure Relief Device Test and Repair Reports Filing Non Conformance
Jul 22, 2021AB-2021-100792Unit 4 Digital Control Computer Stall
Jul 27, 2021CSB-2021-101535Ministry of Labour Event Notice
Jul 28, 2021BB-2021-101960Minor Oil Release in Unit 6 Inactive Drainage
Jul 29, 2021AB-2021-102856Relief Valve Testing not Completed
Aug 5, 2021BB-2021-97930Standby Class III Power Temporarily Unavailable
Aug 5, 2021AB-2021-103996Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Aug 11, 2021BB-2021-105100COVID-19 Response Update
Aug 12, 2021AB-2021-104153Emergency Filtered Air Discharge System Charcoal not Replaced Within Committed Timeline
Aug 23, 2021BB-2021-107091Domestic Water Release
Aug 24, 2021BB-2021-108703COVID-19 Response Update
Sep 14, 2021AB-2021-111272Small Fire in Bruce A Unit 0
Sep 20, 2021AB-2021-112546Radiation Device Damaged
Sep 22, 2021BB-2021-114457Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Event Report
Oct 1, 2021AB-2021-109298Safety System Test Scheduling Error
Oct 7, 2021BB-2021-116930Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Oct 22, 2021BB-2021-121572Mandatory Relief Valve Testing not Completed
Oct 27, 2021BB-2021-121468Radiation Protection Action Level Exceeded
Oct 28, 2021BB-2021-122430Unit 5 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Nov 2, 2021BB-2021-118818Radiation Protection Action Level Exceeded
Nov 4, 2021BB-2021-124063Radiological Hazard Posting
Nov 8, 2021BB-2021-124939Unposted Radiological Hazard
Nov 11, 2021AB-2021-125808Air Particulate Monitor Used Past Calibration Date
Nov 15, 2021BB-2021-126064Smoke in Unit 6 Vault
Nov 20, 2021BB-2021-129214Ministry of Labour Order – November 16, 2021
Nov 20, 2021CSB-2021-129760Ministry of Labour Event Notice – November 15, 2021
Nov 20, 2021AB-2021-129480Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Nov 22, 2021AB-2021-122578Missed Safety System Test
Nov 22, 2021BB-2021-129194Environmental Release
Nov 25, 2021AB-2021-129688Unposted Hazard Above Boiler Steam Drums
Nov 29, 2021BB-2021-130152Low Level Positive Personal Air Sample Result
Dec 1, 2021ABB-2021-116582Preventive Maintenance Due Dates Miscalculated
Dec 8, 2021CSB-2021-125146Service Activities Performed on Radiation Device without a Licence
Dec 10, 2021BB-2021-135624Industry Pressure Tube (PT) Surveillance Program – Inlet, Hydrogen Equivalent Concentration Measurements on PT from Unit Shutdown for Major Component Replacement
Dec 13, 2021BB-2021-134093Small Fire Extinguished in Unit 6
Dec 15, 2021BB-2021-135184Class 7 Shipment is in Non-Compliance with Certificate
Dec 16, 2021BB-2021-135523Class 7 Shipment is in Non-Compliance with Regulations for Loose Contamination Levels
Dec 16, 2021BB-2021-137001COVID-19 Response Update
Dec 20, 2021BB-2021-119318Emergency Water System Leak to Emergency Coolant Injection Equipment Area Sump
Dec 21, 2021BB-2021-137691COVID-19 Response Update
Dec 21, 2021AB-2021-137755COVID-19 Response Update
Dec 30, 2021BB-2021-138848Unit 6 Public Address Speaker Found With Foreign Material Inserted

Date ReportedStationReport #Title
Jan 7, 2020AB-2020-28778956Small Fire in Unit 1
Jan 7, 2020AB-2020-28778392Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Jan 9, 2020AB-2020-28779525Late Reporting of Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Jan 16, 2020AB-2020-28779948Building Heating Steam Condensate Release
Jan 20, 2020AB-2020-28779575Preventative Maintenance Calibration Missed
Jan 24, 2020BB-2020-28781683Unit 8 Turbine Trip and Small Turbine Panel Fire
Feb 3, 2020AB-2020-28782099Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Feb 5, 2020BB-2020-28783066Unit 8 Unplanned Reactor Shutdown
Feb 6, 2020AB-2020-28782449Station Emergency Declared as a Precaution
Feb 7, 2020AB-2020-28782855Station Briefly below Minimum Complement
Feb 10, 2020AB-2020-28783019Less Than Minimum Number of Standby Generators Available
Feb 10, 2020AB-2020-28782847Impairment of the Negative Pressure Containment System
Feb 10, 2020AB-2020-28782857Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Feb 14, 2020AB-2020-28783785Bruce A Portal Monitor Alarm above Action Level
Feb 24, 2020BB-2020-28784986Below Minimum Complement
Feb 26, 2020AB-2020-28785357Impairment of Negative Pressure Containment
Mar 3, 2020AB-2020-8786422Bruce A Acute Lethality Test Failure
Mar 11, 2020CSB-2020-28787416Vehicle Monitor Alarm above Action Level at Main Entrance
Mar 16, 2020AB-2020-28787980Loss of Class Ill and Class IV Power to Unit 4 and Unit 0
Mar 19, 2020ABCSB-2020-28788993Precautionary Activation of the Emergency Management Centre for COVID-19 Prevention Planning
Mar 26, 2020BB-2020-28789704MOL Report
Mar 31, 2020AB-2020-28790328Public Address System Speakers Turned off in Outage Trailer
Apr 4, 2020BB-2020-28790729Bruce B Elevated Tritium Levels
Apr 6, 2020BCSB-2020-28791267COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 15, 2020CSB-2020-28789209Controlled Nuclear Information Export without a Licence
Apr 23, 2020ACSB-2020-28793680COVID-19 Response Update
Apr 28, 2020CSB-2020-28793731Ministry of Labour Industrial Event Notice
May 14, 2020AB-2020-28795502Unit 2 Unplanned Shutdown for Generator Excitation System Repairs
May 15, 2020BB-2020-28795368Unit 5 Recovery Tank Upper Flange Gap Discovered
Jun 8, 2020AB-2020-28798234Unit 2 Liquid Zone Control System Pump Trip
Jun 8, 2020AB-2020-28798264Less Than Minimum Number of Standby Generators Available
Jun 15, 2020AB-2020-28799101Elevated Reactor Inner Zone Inlet Header Temperature
Jun 17, 2020BB-2020-28800070Extinguishing Agent Applied to Panel
Jun 19, 2020BB-2020-28799964Domestic Water Release
Jun 26, 2020BB-2020-28800827Fire Protection Preventive Maintenance Missed
Jun 29, 2020BB-2020-28793697Potential Unplanned Radiological Intake
Jun 29, 2020BB-2020-28776624Fuel Bundle Damaged During Discharge from North East Spent Fuel Mechanism
Jul 3, 2020AB-2020-28801676Unit 4 Forced Outage for Low Vacuum Trip Circuit Repairs
Jul 3, 2020AB-2020-1052Unit 3 Forced Outage due to Spurious Activation of Unit Service Transformer Relay Protection
Jul 8, 2020BB-2020-28801698Emergency Water System Valve Discovered Passing
Jul 16, 2020AB-2020-2739Unit 1 Forced Outage due to Grid Rejection
Jul 16, 2020BB-2020-2577Unposted Radiological Hazard
Jul 16, 2020AB-2020-3363Unit 3 Reactor Power Reduction
Jul 16, 2020BB-2020-4089Unit 7 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Jul 21, 2020AB-2020-4549Unit 1 Vault Vapour Recovery Drier Heater Failure to Shutdown on Demand
Jul 22, 2020CSB-2020-5109Below Minimum Shift Complement
Jul 29, 2020BB-2020-6908Unposted Radiological Hazard
Jul 31, 2020AB-2020-8039Standby Generator Testing
Aug 12, 2020BB-2020-10696Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Event Report
Aug 17, 2020CSB-2020-11945Counterfeit Integrated Circuit Found and Reported by a Vendor
Aug 17, 2020AB-2020-8965Shutdown Systems 1 and 2 Neutron Overpower Protection Detector Bias
Aug 18, 2020BB-2020-11865Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Event Report
Aug 18, 2020ABB-2020-12076Working Remotely Outside of Canada
Aug 18, 2020BB-2020-11521Unit 7 Unplanned Shutdown
Aug 20, 2020CSB-2020-13771Medical Incident at Bruce A Parking Lot
Aug 24, 2020AB-2020-12978Unit 3 Digital Control Computer X Stall
Aug 24, 2020AB-2020-12985Unit 2 Forced Offline Due to Steam Leak
Aug 26, 2020BB-2020-14461Impairment of Negative Pressure Containment
Aug 31, 2020AB-2020-15406Heat Transport Pump Trip Testing Incomplete
Sep 1, 2020AB-2020-15565Unit 3 Unplanned Shutdown
Sep 9, 2020BB-2020-17922Main Firewater Pump Preventative Maintenance Incomplete
Sep 10, 2020AB-2020-18311Safety System Test not Deferred
Sep 10, 2020BB-2020-17885Standby Generator Fire Detection Maintenance Incomplete
Sep 14, 2020BB-2020-18567Fire Extinguished in Unit 6
Sep 14, 2020BB-2020-18764Unit 5 Digital Control Computer X Stall
Sep 14, 2020AB-2020-16659Whole Body Monitor Damaged
Sep 17, 2020AB-2020-19986Safety System Test not Deferred
Sep 24, 2020BB-2020-22484Unit 6 Transformer Deluge Annunciation Test Incomplete
Oct 7, 2020CSB-2020-26480COVID-19 Response Update
Oct 7, 2020AB-2020-25694Unit 1 Unplanned Shutdown
Oct 9, 2020BB-2020-26068Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
Oct 15, 2020AB-2020-28286Unit 2 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Oct 22, 2020BB-2020-30418Whole Body Monitor Damaged
Oct 23, 2020ABB-2020-21831Incorrect Dose Conversion Factors Used in Irradiated Fuel Port Analysis
Oct 26, 2020AB-2020-31429Unit 3 Annulus Gas System High Flowrate
Nov 2, 2020AB-2020-33557Unit 2 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Nov 10, 2020BB-2020-35996Radiation Instruments Calibration Overdue
Nov 12, 2020BB-2020-36965COVID-19 Response Update
Nov 12, 2020AB-2020-36798Unposted Radiological Hazard
Nov 16, 2020ABB-2020-37783COVID-19 Response Update
Nov 18, 2020CSB-2020-39011COVID-19 Response Update
Nov 18, 2020AB-2020-33945Controlled Nuclear Information Exported Without Licence
Nov 23, 2020AB-2020-40474Online Periodic Inspection for Emergency Coolant Injection Components Incomplete
Nov 24, 2020BB-2020-40664COVID-19 Response Update
Nov 26, 2020BB-2020-40646Late Reporting of Reinstatement of Certified Personnel
Nov 30, 2020AB-2020-41579Less Than Minimum Number of Standby Generators Available
Dec 1, 2020CSB-2020-42137COVID-19 Response Update
Dec 2, 2020BB-2020-41610Unposted Radiological Hazard
Dec 8, 2020BCSB-2020-43885COVID-19 Response Update
Dec 10, 2020AB-2020-44274Minor Oil Spill in Unit 4 Inactive Drainage
Dec 14, 2020AB-2020-45127Buried Drinking Water Pipe Leak
Dec 16, 2020ABB-2020-46357COVID-19 Response Update
Dec 16, 2020BB-2020-46413Preventative Maintenance for Calibration of Stack Monitors
Dec 17, 2020CSB-2020-45880Ministry of Labour Event Report
Dec 17, 2020AB-2020-46601Unit 4 Turbine Trip
Dec 18, 2020BB-2020-46975Unit 8 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Dec 18, 2020BB-2020-41524Operating Policies and Principles Containment Tolerable Hole Size Exceeded
Dec 21, 2020BB-2020-47596Shutdown System 2 Trip
Dec 23, 2020AB-2020-48596Misclassification of Transportation Documentation for Class 7 Shipment

Date ReportedStationReport #Title
04-Jan-19BB-2019-28723531Below Minimum Complement
09-Jan-19BB-2019-28723664Demineralized Water Spill
15-Jan-19AB-2019-28724266Improper Use of Personal Protective Equipment
24-Jan-19AB-2019-28722428Test mode for Main Control Room HVAC Logic Disables Pressure Switch Trip
24-Jan-19BB-2019-28726474Domestic Water Category C Spill
28-Jan-19BB-2019-28727237Impairment on SDS1 and SDS2
01-Feb-19CSB-2019-28727652Injured Worker
05-Feb-19AB-2019-28728380Unit 2 Heat Transport Pump Trip System Annual Check Missed
06-Feb-19AB-2019-28720357Seismic Qualification of Emergency Coolant Injection System
12-Feb-19AB-2019-28729924Unit 1 – Unplanned Reactor Power Change
13-Feb-19AB-2019-28728664Unit 3 Confinement Door Found Open During Outage
15-Feb-19AB-2019-28730320Bundle and Tray Location Mismatch to Inventory Data
19-Feb-19BB-2019-28730491MOH Event Report Adverse Water Quality Test Results
19-Feb-19BB-2019-28730349Unit 0 and Unit 7 Loss of Class IV Power
28-Feb-19AB-2019-28732273Impairment of Emergency Coolant Injection System
04-Mar-19CSB-2019-28732204Transportation Event on Bruce Power Site
08-Mar-19BB-2019-28732856Fixed Gaseous Process Monitor Calibration Date Missed
14-Mar-19AB-2019-28728738Pressure Tube to Calandria Tube Contact (PT/CT) Discovered in Unit 3 K20 Fuel Channel
28-Mar-19BB-2019-28736881Public Address Speaker Function Compromised
04-Apr-19ABB-2019-28738708Falsified Record Generated During Third Party Audit
05-Apr-19BB-2019-28737886Sealed Source Separated from Radiological Device and is Unrecoverable
09-Apr-19AB-2019-28738101Bruce A Switchyard Fire
12-Apr-19BB-2019-28739399Unit 5 Forced Outage
17-Apr-19BB-2019-28740313Transportation Package Damaged
17-Apr-19AB-2019-28731940Units 1&2-Operating outside Doc.Basis for NOP at Current Age
18-Apr-19AB-2019-28738876Less Than Minimum Number of Standby Generators Available
23-Apr-19AB-2019-28740556Below Minimum Complement
24-Apr-19BB-2019-28740626Late Reporting of Damaged Transportation Package
26-Apr-19AB-2019-28740942Unposted Radiological Hazard
01-May-19BB-2019-28742395Portable Alarming Gamma Meter Calibration Overdue
02-May-19BB-2019-28742665Unit 8 Unplanned Reduction in Reactor Power
08-May-19AB-2019-28743293Unit 4 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
13-May-19AB-2019-28744082Bruce A Elevated Tritium Levels
13-May-19CSB-2019-28711733Inaccurate Reporting of Non-Bruce Power Dose History
14-May-19AB-2019-28744275Unit 2 Unplanned Reactor Shutdown
16-May-19BB-2019-28745232Aluminium Content in Containment Resulting in ECIS Impairment
17-May-19AB-2019-28744904Unit 2 Unplanned Reactor Shutdown
24-May-19BB-2019-28745942Unposted Radiological Hazard
27-May-19BB-2019-28745990Unposted Radiological Hazard in Ancillary Service Building
30-May-19BB-2019-28746338Damaged Transportation Package
05-Jun-19AB-2019-28747564Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
13-Jun-19CSB-2019-28749372MOL Report
14-Jun-19AB-2019-28749061Bruce A Unit 0 Partial Loss of Class III and Class IV Power
18-Jun-19AB-2019-28749389Potential Unplanned Radiological Uptake
25-Jun-19BB-2019-28750516Relief Valve Testing not Completed
27-Jun-19AB-2019-28750810Shipment is in Non-Compliance with Certificate
03-Jul-19BB-2019-28751537Suspect Items Incident
05-Jul-19AB-2019-28744717Impairment of Shutdown Systems 1 and 2
11-Jul-19CSB-2019-28752743Damaged Transportation Package
15-Jul-19BB-2019-28752191Bruce B Containment Quarterly Leak Rate Testing
16-Jul-19BB-2019-28738638Guaranteed Device Found Failed in Incorrect Position
16-Jul-19AB-2019-28753353West Shift Plus Stop Collar Testing Review
17-Jul-19AB-2019-28753291Impairment of Shutdown Systems 1 and 2
26-Jul-19AB-2019-28754895Unit 2 Shutdown System 1 Trip
26-Jul-19BB-2019-28754932Whole Body Monitor Damaged
30-Jul-19BB-2019-28755902Unit 7 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
31-Jul-19AB-2019-28755959Unit 4 Annulus Gas System Unavailability
01-Aug-19AB-2019-28756810MOH Event Report Adverse Water Quality Test Results
02-Aug-19AB-2019-28756092Unposted Radiological Hazard
12-Aug-19BB-2019-28757049Concurrent Unavailability of Two Standby Generators
14-Aug-19BB-2019-28757283Sanitary Main Failure
19-Aug-19BB-2019-28758250Impairment of Emergency Power System
23-Aug-19AB-2019-28757627Unit 4 – Bruce A Pumphouse Chlorine Spill during Zebra Mussel Chlorination
26-Aug-19BB-2019-28757857Unit 7 Periodic Inspection for Primary Heat Transport System Pump Bellows
28-Aug-19AB-2019-28759128Bruce A Negative Pressure Containment Predicted Future Unavailability Over Target
23-Sep-19AB-2019-28763510Unit 1 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
26-Sep-19BB-2019-28764357Potential Seismic Interaction in Low Speed Drive Rooms
26-Sep-19AB-2019-28764170Late Reporting of Change of Status of Certified Personnel
Oct 8, 2019BB-2019-28766644Impairment of Annulus Gas System
Oct 16, 2019BB-2019-28767306Motor Vehicle Carrying Radioactive Material Involved in Off-site Accident
Oct 16, 2019BB-2019-28766989Potential Unplanned Radiological Uptake
Oct 21, 2019BB-2019-28768255Non-compliance with Regulatory Document RD-204
Oct 29, 2019BB-2019-28769461Unposted Radiation Hazard
Nov 1, 2019AB-2019-28770014Unit 2 Unplanned Reactor Power Change
Nov 15, 2019AB-2019-28772723Less Than Minimum Number of Standby Generators Available
Nov 19, 2019BB-2019-28769549Unit 8 Emergency Water System Unavailable
Nov 20, 2019BB-2019-28773979Late reporting of Reg. Doc. 3.1.1 report for EWS unavailable
Nov 20, 2019AB-2019-28772408Primary Heat Transport System Component Not Meeting Its Defined Specifications
Nov 21, 2019BB-2019-28773848Predefined Maintenance Exceeded Probabilistic Safety Assessment Modelled Frequency
Nov 21, 2019BB-2019-28767704Testing of Smoke Detection Devices Not Completed
Nov 22, 2019AB-2019-28773607Standby Generators Testing
Nov 27, 2019BB-2019-28774228Unit 5 Buce B Hydrazine Release
Dec 6, 2019BB-2019-28775787Unposted Radiological Hazard
Dec 11, 2019AB-2019-28776250Unposted Radiological Hazard
Dec 12, 2019BB-2019-28776680MOH Event Report Adverse Water Quality Test Results
Dec 16, 2019AB-2019-28774609Periodic Inspection Minimum Sample Size not Met
Dec 16, 2019AB-2019-28776874Small Fire Near Shutdown Cooling Chemical Addition Tank
Dec 17, 2019BB-2019-28776624Fuel Bundle Damaged During Discharge from North East Spent Fuel Mechanism
Dec 19, 2019AB-2019-28775088Emergency Air Conditioning System Impairment
Dec 20, 2019BB-2019-28778334Predefined Maintenance Exceeded Probabilistic Safety Assessment Modelled Frequency