Periodic Safety Review

A Periodic Safety Review (PSR) is a review that compares the plant, as it currently operates, against modern codes and standards for the purpose of identifying opportunities to enhance nuclear safety.

The PSR is now a regulatory requirement and builds upon Bruce Power’s previous safety reviews. PSRs are an international practice. The CNSC REGDOC 2.3.3 is consistent with the International Atomic Energy Association’s SSG-25.

The reactors operate safely and meet all safety requirements. These PSR improvements enhance what Bruce Power is required to do and are practical improvements that will enhance nuclear safety.

Once the practical improvements are identified in the PSR, an Integrated Implementation Plan (IIP) is developed, which schedules these improvements over the next 10 years.

Of the items on the IIP: Some are simple to implement, some are already being done and some are more complex to implement.

The PSR will be completed every 10 years. This is the first one under REGDOC 2.3.3 and it was accepted by the CNSC in September 2017. The next PSR will be completed in 2026, ahead of the next licence renewal (assuming 10-year licence is granted.


GAR and IIP Report

Bruce A & B Global Assessment Report and Integrated Implementation Plan: B-GAR-09701-00001

Safety Factor Reports

Safety Factor 1 – Plant Design

Safety Factor 2 – Actual Condition of Structures Systems and Components

Safety Factor 3 – Equipment Qualification

Safety Factor 4 – Ageing

Safety Factor 5 – Deterministic Safety Analysis

Safety Factor 6 – Probabilistic Safety Analysis

Safety Factor 7 – Hazard Analysis

Safety Factor 8 – Safety Performance

Safety Factor 9 – OPEX and R&D

Safety Factor 10 – Organization and Administration

Safety Factor 11 – Procedures

Safety Factor 12 – The Human Factor

Safety Factor 13 – Emergency Planning

Safety Factor 14 – Radiological Impact on the Environment

Safety Factor 15 – Radiation Protection

PSR Basis Documents

Periodic Safety Review Basis Document