Community Portal

Welcome to our community portal where you can ask questions, provide feedback and engage with our community relations team.

Bruce Power has always believed in actively engaging with the public, and answering all questions to the best of our abilities, as outlined in our Commitment to Openness and Transparency.

We encourage the public to email us at or submit a question through the form below. We have a robust program in place to ensure these inquiries receive a prompt and factual response.

Note: Human Resources inquiries should be sent directly to

Bruce Power was among the first nuclear companies in the country to take to social media as another way of engaging with Canadians and we are now active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

We also use our website as a place to learn about our technology, safety measures, emergency response organization, community outreach initiatives, career opportunities, and much more. 

As we continue to expand and improve our transparent and open communications with the public, we will:

  • Conduct a stakeholder and public consultation process to understand the key topics and factual information people are most interested in related to nuclear and energy issues.
  • Given the changes in how people have communicated during the pandemic, the consultation will also review the effective ways to share information and engage.
  • This will include independent polling in Grey-Bruce-Huron region and at the provincial level
    and look at new ways to engage interested stakeholders, Indigenous communities and municipalities.
  • Review of the most effective methods to communicate and share information providing
    appropriate context, background and in cases where more detailed information is sought the most effective way to do this.
  • A report on the findings will be provided by the end of quarter and key findings that will enhance Bruce Power’s outreach programs as part of our Commitment to Openness and Transparency.

If you have a question about Bruce Power, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

A proud member of our community

Bruce Power owes much of its success to the surrounding communities.

Many of our employees have lived in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties for decades, and we are proud to have been an active member of the business community since 2001. Local Indigenous communities and municipal and county governments have worked with us to partner on programs that benefit the entire region and we look forward to continuing to foster meaningful relationships with community partners.

But we will never take public support for granted. That’s why we have programs that underline our commitment to safe and environmentally-friendly operations, are transparent in our technologies and operations and invest in the betterment of our communities. Whether it be through our Sponsorship Program, high school and post-secondary scholarships, Indigenous outreach initiatives, or our safety and environmental programs, we are dedicated to giving back to the Bruce, Grey and Huron area.

Our 4,000+ employees are proud to support community initiatives, volunteering countless hours to make the Lake Huron shoreline a wonderful place to live, work and play. New employees who move to the region quickly fall in love with our way of life and integrate themselves into the community, strengthening the fabric of our society. 

Bruce Power Facts

We have created the fact sheets below to provide additional information on topics of interest for the general public.

Download the full document or individual documents based on topic below.