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Since 2016, we have been moving forward with our Life-Extension Program on our journey to 2064. Like all journeys, we start at a point and want to end up at a destination. For Bruce Power, that is achieving excellence by delivering on our mission to safely provide clean, affordable, reliable power and life-saving medical isotopes, while strengthening our communities and protecting the environment to secure tomorrow.

We are taking this journey together, with our employees, our contractors and with the support of our supplier companies. We are strong when we work together and we will succeed, beginning with our Major Component Replacement Unit 6 project which commenced in January 2020.

The MCR projects replace the reactor components that will extend the life of our units, and the Bruce Power site, to 2064. Getting to this point has taken commitment, focus, innovation and collaboration.

We have a lot of work ahead of us and we are counting on you to help us deliver. We work with great people and great companies who commit not only to doing work safely, effectively and efficiently, but also contribute to our local communities in so many ways. Since 2016, some 60 companies have opened offices, warehouses and other working space in 65 locations in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties. There have been 300 small business created and 250,000 square feet of empty buildings are occupied today in our region. In 2019, the Town of Saugeen Shores reported an increase in building permits totalling nearly $100 million. We’re grateful for the investment our suppliers are making in our communities.

The success of the MCR project depends on all of us improving our performance, focusing on quality and above all, completing our work safely – on time and on budget. We are ready for the journey ahead and we thank you for joining us to deliver our plan and secure our future.


We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities across the world in the unquestionable proclamation that their lives matter.

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